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What You Don’t Know About The Medicity: Facilities, Benefits

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We have guided you more about Medicity in our previous blogs but what are some special features that the medicity online training institute offers, many of you don’t know about it. Well, In this blog we are going to cover about special benefits that are unknown among most of you. So, we are going to cover it all in 2 parts - Before joining a program, After joining a program in any course. This will make it easier to understand for you. So, doctors, let’s begin the blog–

The Medicity Research Institute is an online platform that facilitates hands-on training, fellowships, online subscription based learning to healthcare personalities. The Training institute offers various features and facilities that no other platform is providing. Like the global curriculum with amazing mentors (expert doctors), rescheduling your time, multiple hospital visits, and double certification, etc.

Facilities Before Joining the Program

Once you get inspired to take hands-on training, online subscription or anything on a platform, your benefits start moving toward you. Like doubt clearation, rescheduling the time slot, payment facilities etc. So, let’s understand one by one-

           1.Free Counseling from our Medicity team:

Numerous courses out there and it is difficult to choose any of them. Well, to assist doctors and medical students, our Medicity Research Institute has a dedicated team of experienced medical counselors that help to clear doubts and confusion and make better decisions which is right for their career. To get a call from our executives, just fill out an enquiry form or any one can directly connect without toll-free-number 1800-572-9494 for quick response.

           2. Always available for Both National & International Students:

No matter where you are from, to assist you in terms of decision making, payment resolution, doubt clarification, our team of professionals are always ready to make it possible for you as a surgeon or final year medical student. Almost every payment option like UPI, CARD, Net banking, EMI, etc available for local as well as global payment. Note that a cash payment option is not available.

             3. Rescheduling the timing of training course:

This is something that almost no one is providing in the market but Medicity Online training offers its participants to reschedule their time slot according to available options but before starting the course, or within 7 days after registration, based on which one will be applicable. Also if you want to refund the amount you have paid because of any reason, you must have to cancel your course joining within 7 days after registration, and the refunded amount (subjected to condition) will get credited in the respective account from which the payment has been made within 7-10 Working days.

          Facilities After Joining the Program

Once your classes start after joining the chosen training program, all the joinees get multiple benefits from the Medicity Online training institute like great learning, excellent mentorships, comprehensive and special webinars etc.

          1.Great Mentors with excellent content delivery

All the trainers on the platform are well reputed and highly experienced in their respective specialities. Such mentors as a doctor have the ability of amazing curriculum knowledge and then deliver the quality training for effective learning including hands-on sessions and simulations. The training centers are fully equipped with the latest and necessary instruments and facilities that are required for training.

            2. Multi-Hospital Visits and Live interaction with Expert Doctors

Unlike other institutes and organizations, Medicity not make you limited at on training classroom, but we arrange multiple hospital visits for students/fresher-doctors, where each candidate of the training course live interact with not just specialist doctors but also get opportunity to counseling the patients to get real and practical exposure apart from core domain knowledge.

           3. Study Materials and Free webinars to achieve competency:

Medicity online training institute provides additional study material and free webinars as needed to make ots students stay ahead of the competition and their upcoming career get more sky-rocket growth. Free webinars are also great to widen your network and build a community of people who are in the same domain and have the same skill sets, etc. Apart from these features, Medicity Research institute also provides you a certificate of completion with double certification- from ‘The Medicity’ and respective Hospital you will do your training.

For more info about The Medicity Online Training Institute, go through other articles available on the platform into the blog section. Either you can call us on 1800-572-9494 or write to us on .


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