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The demand of Hysteroscopy training courses in India is surging due the global need of hysteroscopy specialists that is growing rapidly with a growth rate of around 6.7% CAGR according to a prestigious Business Wire report. Numerous training programs and fellowships are being offered to novice surgeons as a short term program, but what are the key points that you should consider while taking Hysteroscopy training. We’ll also discuss why hysteroscopy is different from other infertility related surgeries like laparoscopy.

What is Hysteroscopy?

During an unhealthy reproductive health condition in women, doctors mostly suggest hysteroscopy surgery as a treatment. Hysteroscopy is a medical procedure used to inspect and examine the inside of the uterus (womb) and this surgery process is used in conditions of abnormal internal bleeding, and other disorders into women's reproductive body parts. Similar procedures exist for Men also known as Endoscopy. Inshort, both hysteroscopy and endoscopy is a part of infertility treatment speciality in males and females.

Expectation from Advanced Hysteroscopy Training courses in India

According to a business Wire report, the Asia Pacific region which includes India also, is expected to record the highest CAGR growth for hysteroscopy experts due to large population and high volume of patients. So, various surgeons and medical professionals take short-term training courses to get subspecialized in the niche. These Hysteroscopy training programs are available in both online and offline but the complication and confusion occurs inside seeking doctors and students what they should exactly expect from a surgery program, since everyone is offering the same course.

Here are few very important aspects that you need to know and never forget while taking Hysteroscopy training-

Comprehensive But brief Knowledge Delivery

The duration of the course doesn’t matter until there is some meaning to it. Analyze the course curriculum and your instructor both, try to get more and more information as these courses are not going cheap, and charge a high amount of fees. Take a moment and look on the internet about the procedures, and anesthesia that involve hysteroscopy like Local anesthesia, General anesthesia, Septums treatment, Asherman’s Syndrome etc. and make sure the hysteroscopy training covers that.

Effective Learning with Hands-on or Stimulation based sessions

Doesn’t matter if you are ready to join Online Hysteroscopy training or In-Classroom Hysteroscopy training, the learning of hysteroscopy procedures, techniques, theories, must be effective. Many of the courses are there that might cost less but are observation based. So, always try to find basic/Advanced Hysteroscopy Training courses that are either hands-on based or they are being delivered through simulation for better understanding as well as to get some medical practical exposure.

Patient Understanding & Troubleshooting Skills

Apart from the core knowledge, a surgeon must be able to manage the patients. Most of the time it is quite convenient both for the doctors and the patients but sometimes patients don't know what can usually happen after treatment like cramping or slight vaginal bleeding, feel shoulder pain, fever, so, make them aware of it. Troubleshooting is another term that must be covered in the training sessions because once it occurs no one will be there to help the surgeon except the surgeon itself. So, learn from experts but also grasp the secret of how your mentor handles such situations.

Hysteroscopy Training vs Laparoscopy Training

It's true that both are related to reproductive system treatment and use a special instrument to examine laparoscope & hysteroscope but are different. Laparoscopy, also popular as minimal invasive surgery, is a broader surgery treatment methodology that is used not just in gynecology, but also in cardiology, general medicine etc. Whereas Hysteroscopy is more specific, used to diagnose only female reproductive system treatment.

Now you have a clear idea about the hysteroscopy, and what to consider before joining the hysteroscopy training courses in India. The Medicity is also a medical platform that facilitates and offers medical courses, training, and fellowships including hysteroscopy. To know more or for any doubt connect with our Medical Counselor by filling up the enquiry form attached at the beginning of the blog. Alternatively you can call, on our toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or write to us at info@themedicity.com .


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