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The Medicity is now offering more training courses than before which are the best hands on IVF training courses in India. The blog is going to discuss multiple IVF training courses listed on the platform but also include why you should choose Medicity Institute and also will keep an eye-on how you can join such a program in a very easy manner.

Why is IVF Training in Demand?

Since the fertility rate is decreasing from time to time not only in India but also across the Globe, IVF is one of the best solutions to tackle infertility through innovation and technology. This is the reason why such expertise is in demand that leads to rapid growth in the requirement of IVF professionals. Now, these expertise can be obtained by joining various short-term training programs and fellowships where all the aspirants who are eligible get an intensive knowledge of In-Vitro Fertilization, it’s use, precautions and multiple procedures with equipment under a highly specialized and experienced doctor.

Top IVF courses in India offered by The Medicity is being listed here with a brief knowledge-

ART (IVF) & Laparoscopy Training Course:

This exciting course is now enabling the opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art clinic and operating room las with latest instruments and equipment like inhouse Ultrasound scans that brings the capability to provide learning of multiple methods and practices of oocyte recovery, and embryo transfer and more related to IVF. The course has been designed for both the beginners and advanced freeks for two different time-lines. First one is a one-week beginners friendly program designed for novice medical professionals and 2nd course is for advanced learning with a two-week program including hands-on training sessions.

If a joinee has either previous experience in IVF laboratory or has a degree in MD, MBBS, MS, PhD in specialization with Embryology & Reproductive Medicine then the candidate is best eligible for this training course enrollment. The training will be delivered in Best IVF institute center under the supervision of Best IVF doctor in India. For more enquiry or details, visit the course on the platform’s course section.

Hands-on Training in IVF:

This training program is lined up with an intention to ensure the better understanding of IVF laboratory with its proper knowledge. This training program is designed for both beginners and prior-practitioner surgeons who are looking to establish competency in In-Vitro Fertilization. The entire course starts from basic concepts like introduction of fundamentals and quality control to advanced theories including semen analysis, ovarian reserve tests, Gamete handling &  IVF insemination in lab etc. This is a one-week program eligible for those who have experience in trans-vaginal ultrasound for follicular tracking.

If you are a doctor who has specialized in MBBS, DGO, DNB, MD, MS or other similar medical degree, or you are a physician familiar with Ovulation Induction and IUI procedures using stimulation then you’re a right aspirant to participate in this program. All the training will be conducted in Best IVF institute which will be delivered under the guidance of Best IVF doctor in India having lots of experience. For more information or inquiry, visit the course on the platform.

Why You Should Choose The Medicity Institute:

From India's largest hands-on medical training platform, these are the advantages and benefits mentioned that can be obtained while joining any of the medical training courses and fellowships listed on the medicity website.

  1. Get complete Hands-on training by experienced specialists from reputed hospitals in various training centers.
  2. Access Of Live Classes, Recorded Lectures, And Medical Videos with multi-media representation.
  3. If you have joined any course but want to take training in any other center, you can do it within 24 hours of registration.
  4. Facility to refund and reschedule slots on cancellation of any course.
  5. Dedicated support team offered by the institute to resolve any issue occurs during joining.

Now if you are eligible and inspired to join the program but have issue to navigating the platform, then here is quick guide to register into the program using website-

 How to Get Registered in Any Training Course on The Medicity?
  1. Go to The Medicity Official Website and Get signed-up.
  2. Look for the “Courses” section and click on it.
  3. Search your desired course with the main keyword as here “IVF”.
  4. Select the training course you want to join and select a slot.
  5. Complete payment and get registered.
  6. Congratulations! Now you are ready to visit the training center according to the schedule for training.
   Bottom Line:

The Medicity is continuously adding courses related to not only IVF but also other courses related to Gynae, Cosmetic and Diet/Nutrition departments. The navigation to register through the website is very simple and easy, and courses that are being offered by the platform are delivered in top-institutions under best doctors who have expertise in respective fields with years of experience. Now you have multiple reasons why to select The Medicity Institute for medical training purposes. Both the training programs mentioned above in the blog can be found easily on the courses section by searching key term ‘IVF’. Now Still have any doubt or inquiry regarding the course or the payment, feel free to contact on toll free number 1800-572-9494 or write an email to .

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