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Clinical Course for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) includes the knowledge and learning related to different procedures used to address infertility. The outcome of  ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) has reformed the medicament of human infertility over time, giving aspiration to the patients who are incapable of establishing their pregnancy. 

What is Clinical Course for ART:

The ultimate goal of joining a clinical course for ART is to understand all the aspects of the IVF-cycle which includes pre-treatment evaluation and testing, and various treatment procedures like setting up the laboratory, embryo transfer techniques and seman analysis etc.

These courses and training are best suitable for medical professionals who have a background in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Embryology, Laparoscopy. But the reality is that different courses and training programs require different qualifications.

This blog includes knowledge about various Clinical Courses for ART available in different departments in the country mentioned below:

  • ART Course For Embryologist
  • ART Laparoscopy Training Courses
  • Gynae Endoscopic Training

Let’s begin with the first course which is ART Course For Embryologist-

What is ART Course For Embryologist:

ART course for embryologists is for those professionals and doctors who are keen on reproductive research and fertility treatments. The embryologists are well trained healthcare professionals that normally hold a master’s degree and they are who ensures that the environment for embryo growth and storage in the laboratory is in ideal condition.

ART course for Embryologist is designed for a joinee to deliver comprehensive knowledge of ART laboratory including Lab-Setup, different specific procedures, and quality control to just ensure the highest quality success rate. You’ll not just provide the learning based on your own observation but also some hands-on experiences during the whole course.

What should you expect from an ART course for Embryologist:

The duration of such types of courses depends on the advancement of the program and their course curriculum. An Advanced ART course for Embryology is very much to include these topics mentioned below:

  • Introduction of Lab procedures and equipments
  • Different types of embryology technique like Aliquoting, aseptic technique, drawn-out pipettes
  • Sperm preparation like assessment and cryopreservation
  • Preparation of IVF and ICSI stimulation Protocols
  • Forecast and setup for different types of cases
  • Oocyte retrieval, & grading of oocytes and insemination
  • Embryo cleavage, and blastocysts
  • Embryo selection, embryo replacement
  • Setup ideal IVF lab environment
  • Quality control and maintenance

What are ART Laparoscopy Training Courses:

Various Art Laparoscopy training courses have been offered by different institutes in the whole country, some of them are more observation based and few of them are hands-on experience based. Basically Laparoscopy is a procedure to treat different types of designs through small incisions which are related to abdomen and pelvis. An equipment is used during this procedure called laparoscope which contains an inbuilt camera used to see the internal organs using digital screens by the surgeons.

Laparoscopy courses and training are also popular as ‘Minimally Access Surgery’ programs, in which the procedures are explained how different tools and techniques are used and applied in a women’s reproductive system.

What to expect from ART Laparoscopy training courses:

Whether you are taking a beginner course or taking any advanced course in ART laparoscopy, most likely you will get to know that these courses are different based on duration but more likely the same if you are choosing the same level courses and training. These are main topics you can expect from advanced ART laparoscopy training courses mentioned below:

  • Introduction of laparoscopy
  • Know different Hand Instruments, Accessories and Ergonomics
  • Sterilization and Disinfection of different Laparoscopic Equipments
  • Anaesthesia in Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Creation of Pneumoperitoneum of Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Suturing and knotting
What is Gynae Endoscopic Training:

Gynae Endoscopic Training basically includes a comprehensive knowledge with hands-on experience of different surgical procedures and techniques to the attendee doctors who have a background of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The Medicity is also helping students/doctors in order to select the best Clinical Course for ART according to their location and time. The basic eligibility criteria of most of the Gynae Endoscopic Training is MS, or MD Or MBBS degree in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

What to expect from Gynae Endoscopic Training:

As these programs are offered from different training centers and institutes, the curriculum of these courses are different on the behalf of their level. But for a normal Gynae Endoscopic Training you can expect these points mentioned below-

  • Different Port placement in non-identical case scenarios as previous scar, & large uterus
  • Different surgeries like Hysteroscopic Myomectomy, Laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Radical hysterectomy for CA, Large/ multiple fibroids myomectomy
  • Cervical cerclage Severe endometriosis
  • LH for very large uterus and In bag morcellation

Final Words for Clinical Courses for ART:

Clinical Course for ART is a vast category that contains different training, fellowships and courses from different related medical backgrounds. Some of them have been discussed in this article but many of these courses have different sub-specialization categories also.

Now, before selecting any category in ART, do some research and ask from experts like The Medicity - a platform for medical professionals and doctors to help them by upskilling their specialization, which has a dedicated team to help you out from the confusion and suggest best training and fellowships courses according to your requirements based on research and analytics.

So, what are you waiting for, send an enquiry to the medicity and get free consultation from experts. For more details, feel free to contact to the toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or write a mail at




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