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Numbers of offers are available related to IVF Courses in India, But Are these reliable? Or are these outdated? We get multiple questions regarding the various IVF programs when it comes to selecting the best one for practice. This blog covers not just about the institute and doctors who are best in IVF but also guides you on how to select the best one for your choice.

IVF is a subspecialty in clinical ART to prevent infertility and help couples to get pregnant through applying medical procedures. As technology is innovating and the lifestyle of humans is changing, the fertility rate is declining day by day from 5.9 in 1950 to 2.2 in 2021. This caused a rapid demand of IVF specialists across the globe.

Key points to consider best IVF course and Training in India:

In order to achieve detailed knowledge and gain proficiency in IVF procedures, different medical professionals prefer to join various short-term courses and training in IVF. Due to high demand of these programs, there are various programs who are out-dated but are still offering such joinings to generate revenue and aspirants are getting too confused to select the right program for them. Here are a few tips to look around before joining IVF courses and training programs in india.

  1. Gather all the information about their curriculum because it will decide the depth of knowledge of the program.
  2. Focus on hands-on experience rather than knowledge, because learning can be done through books also. Ideally ‘The Medicity’ recommends having a 2:1 ratio of learning and practical minimum for better understanding.
  3. Keep an eye on the Trainer or course director who is going to deliver the acknowledgement and learning.

Now, here is the Top  3  best IVF Training Centre list delivering updated curriculum by Best IVF Institute having Best IVF doctor in India.

Best IVF Institute offering IVF course in India:

The standards that are going to rank these institutes in the list are based on 3 parameters i.e. Best curriculum based on global standard, Mentorship by Best IVF doctors, and  Hands-on practical. These institutes are ranked on these 3 parameters basis, so select one independently which matches your requirement because the purpose of courses may differ.

The Medicity Institute:

Medicity Research Institute is an online platform to register in best courses and training programs across the country with Free counselling support which designed its course curriculum based on goble standards while adding more hands-on training sessions in the programs. The curriculum is delivered by experts having years of experience who are considered the Best IVF doctor in India. ART (IVF) and laparoscopy training course & Hands on training in IVF are two most popular courses and training programs offered by The Medicity Institute.


International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Center (IIRFT) is a delhi based training center offering IVF courses in the country. The center offers the best program to get an edge in industry through hands-on training sessions designed based on global standards. The mentors assigned during the course are highly experienced and count one of the Best IVF doctors in India. At the end of training, aspirants have to take an assessment in order to achieve the certificate.

Balaji fertility and IVF centre:

Balaji fertility and IVF centre is a delhi based training institute to facilitate various specialized programs related to IVF and fertility like Hands-on training in ART (IUI, IVF) which is designed on latest syllabus to be included in the program with sufficient hands-on practice to help you to get industry level real experience to enhance your competency in IVF. The whole course is delivered by Dr. Arun Raychaudhari is known as the best IVF doctor in India, and has years of industry experience.

Bottom Line:

So, Before you join any IVF training program in this country, The Medicity suggests you to do your own research and then select the best programs which fulfill your purpose as an IVF specialist. As discussed, always look at least three points mentioned in the blog earlier to choose training programs best for you. The Medicity offers free counselling by expert staff to counter all your query, confusion and doubt related to various courses and training listed on the platform. To claim these facilities, feel free to connect with Medicity team on 1800-572-9494  or you can write an email at info@themedicity.com

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