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Master Training Course

A Master Laparoscopic Course is a training program that provides comprehensive training in laparoscopic surgical techniques
This course is typically designed who all are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge

About Laparoscopic Instruments

Laparoscopic surgery requires trained surgeons and quality instruments for safe procedures. Essential training and tools enable effective use of laparoscopic instruments for successful surgeries.

Knotting in laparoscopic surgery

By following the 8 steps of Knotting and suturing outlined in a comprehensive guide, surgeons can acquire the necessary skills to perform these techniques effectively during surgery.

Laparoscopic hernia surgery by Dr. MC Misra

Dr. Misra's laparoscopic hernia surgery training involves learning the fundamentals of laparoscopy, anatomy, and various techniques for repairing hernias using minimally invasive surgery.

Basic to Live Laparoscopic Surgery

Join us for a comprehensive 3-day master training program designed for surgeons looking to learn the basics of live laparoscopic surgery led by experienced surgical professionals.