A Complete Hands-on Laparoscopy Training

Your journey from Hand holding to Pro surgeon under an Excellent Doctor

  • Complete Hands-on Training
  • NABH Certified Hospital
  • Experienced Surgeon
  • FOGSI Certified Doctors

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Most preferred Laparoscopy Courses among the Doctors


Well exceptionally designed hands-on training program for general surgeons to gain practical exposure.


Specially developed for gynaecologists to master different laparoscopic cases under an experienced surgeon

  • Complete Hands-On Training
  • Presentations Of Real Cases
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Scrubbing In The Operating Room
  • Rounds In The Ward OPD
  • Patients Care For Pre/Intra/Post-Operatively
  • Different Tasks More Experience
  • In Depth Knowledge Of Procedures
  • FREE Visit To CME/Webinars Programs

Our Experienced, Pro-Active, Highly Qualified Doctors as Trainers

Accomplish Satisfaction

among doctors by upgrading their skills and offering more hands-on opportunities to make them future-ready.

This is why we always considered at

NO 1

Our purpose is to Transform the way of Medical Learning for Surgeon

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