Laparoscopic Training
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60 Days

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Laparoscopic Training course offers the understanding of both laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery procedures. The curriculum is designed on the behalf of the latest global standard in order to facilitate the opportunity to set-up the laboratory for endoscopy and IVF. Course offers hysterectomy and myomectomy both  to understand plenty of various case studies related to Laparoscopy. Obstetrics & Gynecologists and General Surgeons are the ideal candidates for this program who has keen to learn cutting-edge technology of laparoscopy in order to reduce the operation cost and minimize the risk because this training course explains about laparoscope and hysteroscope, these both instruments are used to see the internal organ of related body parts during surgery. 

The training program follows hands-on activities throughout the whole curriculum to ensure that each of the candidates get most out of it and become capable to perform these surgeries confidently. 


Candidates must have any of these medical degrees of MBBS, MD, MS, or have a 3 year experience in Obstetrics & Gynaecology or General Surgery, are eligible for this program.

Number of seats available

5 No. of Seats


Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course by The Medicity and Clinical Training certification by the Respective Hospital.

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