Intensive ICSI Training
$ 333 350
6 Days

Total Course Fee (Exc. GST)

Course Description

This course is mainly focused on selection of best sperm and injecting it into oocytes along with alignment of Micromanipulator and various steps involved in ICSI procedures.

During the course each participant receives one-on-one training to :

  • Acquire proficiency in sperm preparation of ejaculated sperm for ICSI
  • Sperm preparation for ICSI and IVF
  • Acquire proficiency in preparation of dishes for ICSI
  • Acquire proficiency in handling oocytes for ICSI
  • Acquire proficiency in selection and catching of sperms for ICSI
  • Acquire proficiency in injecting the oocytes and the actual ICSI procedure Trouble shooting tips for ICSI using KPIs


  • Medical graduate or Post-graduates , in an appropriate area of life sciences.
  • Applicant with a B Sc (Bachelor of Science) or BV Sc (Bachelor of Veterinary Science) degree, BHMS,Msc Graduates, would be acceptable for training.
  • Candidates with 1 yr of experience in Embryologists with recommendation letter from the concern Institute. (This is applicable for candidates who is working in embryology with lab technician degree).

Number of seats available

5 No. of Seats


Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course by The Medicity and Clinical Training certification by the Respective Hospital.

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