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TLH Training Program
$ 533 560
3 Days

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The main goal of this hands-on training course is to give training doctors the confidence they need to begin laparoscopic procedures on their own.
- Knowledge of laparoscopic mechanics and instrumentation
- A organised training programme that takes a step-by-step approach to laparoscopic procedures such as diagnostic hysterolap, Iap cystectomy, LAVH, TLH, myomectomy, and others.
- On-the-job training and the ability to learn while completing surgery steps in real time.
- A complete Hands-On Training program 
- With the assistance of endotrainers, demonstration and hands-on experience in completing intricate techniques such as endosuturing and other procedures.


-Practicing gynaecologists who are in need of training in Gynaec Laparoscopy

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10 No. of Seats


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