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Fellowship In Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound
$ 667 700
7 Days
$ 1,067 1,120
15 Days
$ 1,333 1,400
21 Days

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Course Description

This enables the student to arrive with a foundational understanding of anatomy, image orientation, pathology, scanning methodology, and other topics.
Scanning methodology and picture analysis are the emphasis of the hands-on scanning workshops.
In all phases of pregnancy, we scan live patients. This covers transvaginal scanning during the first pregnancy, non-pregnant women.

  • Only 5 students per class to maximize hands-on scan time and individual instruction.
  • We scan live patients at all stages of pregnancy including transvaginal.
  • We demonstrate appropriate scanning technique to optimize imaging and reduce scan time.
  • These courses were created for nurse midwives, physicians, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals interested in point of care ob- gyn ultrasound scanning.
  • Our main focus is the first trimester dating scan and third trimester growth, biophysical, fluid assessment, position, placenta and cervix. 


  • Radiologists
  • Sonologists
  • Obstetricians/ Gynecologists
  • Fetal Medicine Specialists

Number of seats available

5 No. of Seats


Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course by The Medicity and Clinical Training certification by the Respective Hospital.

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