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This short term course is designed specifically for clinicians who have a fair idea of doing their own IVF cycles, but are not confident about performing egg retrieval and embryo transfers on live patients, due to lack of practical exposure. This course is designed to provide the aspirants with an opportunity to practice on simulators and enhance their skills and gain confidence, so that they will be able to perform it on their own in the future.

The program is a combination of simulator based training, observation on live patients and some amount of hands-on cases. Simulator based training helps the clinicians to practice the procedures multiple times, analyze their mistakes, correct them and become proficient in them.

Observing the experts handle egg retrieval and embryo transfer cases helps the students learn the best techniques for world-class results. Hands-on sessions under the guidance of senior faculty will help them perfect the skills for independently doing the same on their own.

The Medicity provides the applicants with Hands on OPU and ET training by partnering with Fertilis under the supervision of Dr. Sarabpreet Singh, the course director for this course.


  • The candidate should have any of the following qualification MBBS, Gynecologist, Graduates in Biological Sciences / Graduates in Life Sciences, Embryologists, Andrologists, and IVF Professionals, Biomedical Scientists, Biologist, Medical Laboratory Scientists, IVF nurses. All of them are welcome to join the training.

Number of seats available

15 No. of Seats


Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course by The Medicity and Clinical Training certification by the Respective Hospital.

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