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We are leading training provider in the field of Ultrasonograph, since 2013. We have trained thousands of students so far,most of them are from top medical institutes all across India. Institute started in the year 2013 under guidance of Dr. Navdeep Huda. We are based in Delhi but we do provide courses all over the world via our digital server.

We are the only institute which has an unprecedented digital server based course which upgrades the knowledge of trained candidates as well as freshers in the field of ultrasound. Online courses are our way of teaching. We are not forced to do this because Experience of several years of work by faculty is available for learning, through a collection of images, videos and discussions of common and rare cases in the lectures. This type of exposure to a range of topics and cases is not possible in conferences where organizers and faculty are limited by time or in onsite training where only a few cases may be seen over a limited period of time.

In today’s era, to become successful completely depends upon how well you differentiate yourself from others, That’s difference is created by The Radiology Training Institute. We carefully identify the gap and differentiation between every individual. We work on it accordingly to increase your knowledge and skill that will set you apart. We have the ability to lead on a journey of exploration and Discovery in the field of Ultrasound. Focusing on today’s requirements and your learning needs as we extricate all the secrets associated with aptitude and intellectuality of Ultrasound.

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