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The Medicity: Why Choose Us for Medical Training Purposes

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The Medicity is the only platform which is simplifying the registration and booking process of uncountable medical hands-on training programs which are being held offline in India’s top medical training institutes. Throughout the blog, we’ll include What exactly The Medicity is? Why are we different from other organizations? What are the specialties we offer? So let’s get going on with our first question-

What exactly is ‘The Medicity’?

In the current scenario, especially after the pandemic hit, when universities and colleges have gone online, it brings a challenge to get hands-on practice for medical students. Medicity Institute figured out this problem and came up with a solution for medical professionals to get registered with the best medical training institute and join their training programs in various specialities according to their convenience in the nearest location. In Simple words, You’re a healthcare professional looking for some training programs rich in Hands-on practices. Visit ‘The Medicity’ official website and search & join your right training program and visit the training center to start Training.

Why are we different from other organizations?

The Medicity Institute has various USPs over other organizations which are going to be mentioned one-by-one:

  1.  Mission & Vision:

The practical acknowledgment and hands-on training helps the students get a broad view of the topic and this creates curiosity to learn more. Our mission & vision is to facilitate future doctors and already practicing surgeons the best surgical skills and techniques in order to gain competency through quality learning with certification.

  1.  Medicity Trainers:

The platform only facilitates those training programs which includes one of the best trainers across the country. All the trainers are well qualified and specialized in their respective fields with years of experience. These mentors are not just great doctors but also have expertise to deliver curriculum based on global standards.

  1. Hands-on Training Programs:

All the programs are based on the latest industry trends and consist of a structured syllabus with updated study materials. These programs are affluent with hands-on practice sessions to encourage training aspirants to gain real experiences because we believe in “Learning by Doing”.

  1.  Training Centers:

Training institutes are 3rd USP of Medicity which have been spread in pan India to open opportunities for both local and international medical students even for already practicing surgeons also. These centers are well known in respective regions for medical training equipped with their state-in-art facility to deliver quality learning.

What are the specialties we offer?

The Medicity Platform is offering  training programs in multiple specialties. Here is a listing of top specialities with more enrollment done in the last few months. All these specialties offer various hands-on training, courses and fellowships programs.

  1. Gynaecology:

Gynaecology is the study of the female reproductive system and related organs, and the specialists who are concerned with it are known as Gynaecologist. The Medicity offers a number of programs including IVF, laparoscopy, hysterectomy and myomectomy, endrology, embryology, and pregnancy. These programs are short term as well as long term programs including hands-on training courses and fellowships.  

  1. Cosmetology:

Don’t get confused between cosmetology and beautician courses and training. Both are different in terms of learning and practices. Cosmetology also includes hair and nail treatments. Where beauticians have knowledge of surface level of skin care and beauty on the other side beauticians have a comprehensive knowledge of skin care, and can be easily a hairstylist, nail technician, spa and modeling etc. The platform is offering 3 courses based on hands-on practices. Including beginner level to advanced level.

  1. Diet & Nutrition:

This is the latest department which has been added with the Medicity Institute offering two courses including beginners and advanced level. The training on Nutrition and Lifestyle in pregnancy has two courses one is for 7 Days and the other is for 14 Days contains acknowledgement of various factors that affect the pregnancy outcomes and how it can be healthy with a right and nutrition rich diet plan.

Bottom Line: 

Through the blog post we have discussed what the medicity is and why you should consider it for best medical training purposes. We have counted USPs of this platform and discussed multiple specialities offered by the institute. So, now if you have regained enough motivation to have hands-on training courses, please visit The Medicity’s courses section to find relevant hands-on training  courses and if you are facing any issue then feel free to connect with our support team. Call on toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or write us on

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