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Many medical aspirants look for hands-on training in medical fields for better understanding and enhancing their skill set in that particular field. Many of them are not able to find the right course and the institution for doing the training courses. The candidates are left in a dilemma whether to find the best hands-on training course for themselves with the best institution. The Medicity is the right place for the best hands-on training courses within a short duration of time.

The Medicity is an online digital learning platform, helping students in providing them with hands-on training courses in their desired medical field. It has helped over 3500+ aspirants to successfully complete the certified training courses through us in collaboration with 28+ hospitals and medical academic institutions.

Medicity research institute has been collaborating with various accredited hospitals and medical institutions with experienced faculty with several years of experience. The institutions are renowned and certified training centers with top-notch technological facilities and advanced tools and equipment. By partnering with these institutions, about 245+ courses have been introduced to provide the aspirants with the best hands-on training and a good learning environment as much as possible.

The Right Place for Right training

As covered earlier, we have been partnering with many institutions and hospitals which some of them are as follows:

  1. Sumiran Women’s Hospital: Sumiran hospital is an endoscopy center and an infertility Hospital situated in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. It is a NABH accredited hospital, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India, with good quality staff and best treatment. Sumiran hospital was established by Dr. Mehul Sukhadiya, an IVF specialist and Endoscopic surgeon consultant.

Sumiran hospital is providing ART(IVF) and Laparoscopy training courses to the aspirants with proper hands-on training.

2. Akanksha IVF center: Akanksha IVF center is a Delhi-based IVF center established in 2002 with the purpose to help infertile couples dream of a family of their own. Dr. K.D Nayar founded this center to help the couples in need and to provide hands-on training courses in ICSI, cryopreservation, courses in embryology, and many more. Dr. K.D Nayar is a popular name in the field of IVF and an Infertility expert having several years of experience, productivity to do work. He has been awarded with many global honors and awards while training from abroad

      3.Kamla Hospital: Kamla Hospital is an accredited hospital situated in Gurgaon with enough parking space and 50 beds with top-notch technology and advanced tools and equipment. It has been working towards the upliftment of the medical standards in Gurgaon and also looking for other preventive measures with the association of many schools, organisations, etc.

Kamla Hospital in collaboration with Medicity provides various courses to the medical aspirants like High-risk pregnancy ultrasound, hysteroscopy, laparoscopic surgery, and many more. Dr. Jyoti Yadav is the course director of the course and also is among one of the best Gynecologists in Gurgaon, who practices obstetrics & Pregnancy care with a high degree of professionalism and work ethics, along with compassionate care.

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The Medicity has always been at the beck and call of students who need help in the medical field in training courses. It has been a leading innovative platform to provide the aspirants with both theoretical and practical training during the course with one-on-one training with experts from various dignified and renowned institutions.

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