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Get instant access to The Medicity Online Training & Subscriptions, and start your learning from anywhere, anytime. The Medicity is an online platform that is now offering both the online and hands-on training for medical aspirants. But for this post, we are going to discuss only Online mode, newly launched subscription based learning. You’ll also get informed about some popular programs in this learning approach. So, let’s begin our discussion on how you can join the medicity institute and what are the benefits you're going to get with subscription based learning methodology.

Medicity Online Training & Subscription

The Medicity is offering virtual courses for those who are willing to learn and acquire the knowledge but also want to continue their daily jobs. In this approach we are offering you subscription based medical learning for the whole year at very less convenient charges, and instant access to desired courses and get regular updates and tips, guidelines from experts. The interface is easy to understand and you’ll get no trouble while subscribing to the courses.

Virtual Tour to Access Subscription Based Learning  

In this part of the blog post you are going to get acknowledgement about enrolling to join the subscription. The structure of choosing the program is a little different. You just have to choose the speciality and then you’ll get access to all the courses and videos of subspecialties related to that expertise area. So, Here is how you’ll get access to the online subscription courses on Medicity

Complete Your Signup 

If you are already a member of The Medicity Institute, Login to your account, otherwise first you have to sign up to go to the next step. For that, Click on Sign In option and select Register Now option. Fill in the required information like your name, email address, contact, country, and a strong password then click the “Register” button. Confirm your email address and you are good to go to the next step i.e. Enrollment Process

Select & Enroll

Go to the homepage of The Medicity and select the “Online” option, that will land you to the ‘Subscription’ page where you will get all the information about available courses and medical specialities. Just select your interested speciality and then click on “Subscribe Now”.

A new payment page will be opened, where you fill in necessary details like coupons codes, name, and click on “Pay Securely”, a popup will be generated where you have to select convenient payment options like UPI, Debit/Credit Card, Net-banking etc and complete your payment.

Once the payment is done, you’ll be automatically redirected to the course page, if not just refresh page and again visit the same page, where you observe that the option is “Unlocked” in green color.

Start Your Learning

Now once the course is unlocked, click on “View Course” and you’ll get landed on the learning dashboard, where you’ll see different options like Filter your “Category”, Bookmark option, Now select the course which you want to learn, click on ‘View Module’ option.

All the learning modules will open, where you can either start learning if you are just starting, or you can just look at the topics you want to recall if you are an experienced doctor. In the process, you’ll get two options, Video + PPT. Select any of the methods to continue your learning until the subscription expires.

Specialties Offering in Subscription

Medicity Institute is offering two specialties in its subscription option that is going to expand in other specialties very soon, so stay updated with our latest changes by just filling enquiry forms. 

  1. Gynaecology
  2. Laparoscopy Surgery

Under gynecology, we are offering you ‘Embryology’ and ‘Ultrasound’ subspecialties and under laparoscopic surgery, you get ‘Hysteroscopy’ in the initial stage. The biggest advantage of this subscription model is that you can get access to multiple courses for a year even paying less than one individual course charge. So you are getting maximum learning access with minimum payout charges.  

Enroll now, if you are facing any issue then fill up the enquiry form or alternatively connect to our counseling team by toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or you can write us an email on



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