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Back in time, The Medicity was serving hands-on medical training sessions for clinical person and novice surgeons but over the time we have trained over 3500+ professionals in more than 20+ training centers across India, but over the time Medicity Institute have figure-out many of the doctors and surgeons wants a ed-tech dedicated to the medical individuals and the solution we have come up with is our Subscription based learning model for various specialization including Ultrasonography and Laparoscopic surgery.

What is Subscription Based Learning at Medicity?

Our subscription based learning model works the same as other Ed-Tech organizations are offering. Basically you pay a little amount at once and you get one year video and study material access with more different feature, and the best part of this learning is that you don’t need to limit yourself in terms of learning, you can easily watch all the videos from anywhere to everywhere, you just need you Smartphone or Laptop (Recommended) and a internet connection like ethernet, wi-fi, etc. 

In current scenario, The Medicity institute is only offering subscription for 3 different subspecialization that are interconnected with one expertise that we know as “Gynecology” because all three (Right now) subscription are Gynae Ultrasound, Embryology, and Laparoscopy. A detailed briefing about these programs are in the next sections.

How does the Subscription Model come into Picture?

When the medicity was established then the vision was simple that a medical beginner can learn effectively only by doing rather than memorizing. But the problem was in that model to offer hands-on training programs only, what about 3rd year or final year medical students and even surgeons who need revision on a timely basis. The Second thing that is considerable is that after covid hit, digitalization has evolved more than ever, and online classes, meetings are common nowadays.

We have utilized the technology to develop the subscription based learning which offers you a very effective, comprehensive, and brief knowledge of not just the curriculum of the preferred medical department which is available but also latest updates, changes, and study options including video and pdf notes. You just need to sign-up and subscribe to any of the medical programs and users will get access to the course for the whole year.

Subscription learning options/department:

In the current scenario, the medicity institute is offering 3 different courses - Gynae Ultrasound, Embryology, Laparoscopy. All these courses are distinct to each-other but common in one thing that is if a persona is a gynecologist then all these there clinical courses can be fit for his/her career path, according to users career goals whether that clinical person want to pursue in sonography or want to acquire laparoscopy surgery.

Gynae Ultrasound

Gynae Ultrasound is basically used before, during, and after pregnancy to take care of internal abdomen and uterus parts and help doctors to track and treat the disorders related to it. In the medicity, once you subscribe to this program, you get ppt, and recorded videos that are continuously increasing and we are still adding more study material and extending learning impactfully. The whole program is distributed into modules that help you to stay organized and your learning starts from basic sonography concepts and its uses in pregnancy, to advanced concepts like types of USG, how to detect and diagnose disease and disorders in pregnancy etc.


Embryology is a subspecialty even into the infertility IVF speciality, in which the medical individual learns everything about embryo, its development, and its implantation, etc. similar to previous course, this program also offered by the medicity institute and offer two way learning into the program, either you can utilize and acquire knowledge through ppt, or you can easily learn pre-recorded videos stepwise through each module.


Laparoscopy is a widely used surgery to avoid open surgery, because it usas small cuts into the surgery area and have several benefits including the patients recovery time, total operation cost, and less infection risk. Medicity offers the program in laparoscopy, the surgery is not limited to any department but the program we offer, in that we have focused especially on gynecology, pregnancy, pelvic disorders etc, the course have already 350+ modules and still counting this shows the in depth level of the program that is suitable for both fresher doctor and already practicing doctors.


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