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Established on September 20, 2021, The Medicity Research Institute Pvt Ltd is the most innovative online platform in India, integrating knowledge, technology, innovation, and trust to provide students, future doctors and already practicing surgeons with personalized insights. Our experts create materials and courses that help our medical professionals and senior educators to keep them updated with the latest research and evidence-based medicinal courses. We are always available for people who want to take practical training courses to improve their skills and gain more knowledge in their field.

The Medicity has always thrived to fulfill students' needs of medical studies and training for their courses. Partnering with over 28 hospitals and medical institutions, The Medicity has always been on the cutting edge of helping students get the best hands-on training courses in the field they want to pursue their careers in. In partnership with medical institutions, Medicity has organized more than 245 clinical and management courses for doctors, nurses, and general surgeons. It is a conglomerate of multidisciplinary super-specialty institutions, led by leaders of their respective fields around the world, helping out students, future doctors, and practicing surgeons to achieve the highest levels of excellence in healthcare, education, research, and training in India across the most popular fields of Gynecology, infertility, Medicine, surgery, Orthopedic, Obstetrics, Dermatology, Ultrasound, and many more programs.

Practical knowledge is said to be better than theoretical knowledge as the retaining power in practical training is more effective than in theory sessions which sometimes makes the sessions monotonous and less interesting for the students. Rather than rote learning, it is necessary for students, surgeons, and doctors to do hands-on practical training to perform the techniques and procedures on their own and also gain confidence in performing the same. It has now become possible for providing hands-on training courses by The Medicity and one-on-one training with the candidates by the experts who are collaborating with us from various hospitals. Medicity has assisted many aspiring candidates who wish to further flourish their careers in various fields of medicine. About 3500+ students have completed their hands-on training and received a certificate after the courses successfully.

Why Choose us for Medical Training Purposes?

We are pleased to introduce Medicity Institute as a leading online learning platform with the sole purpose to provide the best surgical techniques to enhance their skills through the certification courses.

We offer specific information for students interested in courses in India across the most popular fields of Gynecology, infertility, Medicine, surgery, Orthopedic, Obstetrics, Dermatology, and many more programs.

We work closely with our new medical aspirants to get a personalized experience on our site, based on educational background and career interest.

The aspirants are given both theoretical and practical knowledge for a better understanding of the courses. The practical knowledge and hands-on training help the students get a wider view of the topic and the curiosity to learn more.

We have a core team that is dedicated and experienced in answering all the training-related queries. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions and stay updated with the latest news and articles related to their educational interests.

Mission and Vision

The Medicity Institute is India’s smartest online platform that blends knowledge, with technology, innovation, and credibility to give students personalized insights to make informed career and course decisions and to impart value based world class hands-on training with the purpose to contribute to society through excellence in the emerging areas of technology, management, pharmacy, and education.

Medicity Institute aims at grooming the professionals; who would carry forward the spirit of practical learning and serve as a valuable resource for the medical industry and society.

Achieve academic excellence in hands-on training courses as per with the leading national and international institutions.

Focus on practical aspects of the course material to make hands-on practical learning a meaningful and interesting experience in our intellectually stimulating platform.

Create an environment with people having similar goals and aspirations to be visionaries.

Actively encourage collaboration with hospitals, communities, and fellow institutions in the country and abroad.

Work to inculcate high moral and ethical values amongst the candidates to make them the best practicing surgeons and doctors of the medical industry.

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