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Hands on Laparoscopic Training in India is in demand because laparoscopy surgery uses very small incisions and reduces healing time, so each medical department related to the abdomen is using it across the country. But finding leading and latest hands-on training programs in the country is the biggest challenge especially when various institutions are offering different training and certification courses right now.

This blog is going to include Laparoscopic Surgery Training, Related departments and what The Medicity offers along with urogynaecology training courses and fellowships. So, let’s dive into-

Laparoscopic Surgery Training:

Laparoscopic surgery uses an equipment known as laparoscope which contains a camera to display the internal organs on a digital screen to support surgeons to understand the situation better. Laparoscopic surgery uses small incisions in the human abdomen and pelvis/uterus to treat patients in an effective way, on top of that since it uses small cuts, it heals in less time and avoids the infection issue over traditional surgery.

Types of Laparoscopic Surgery Training:

Laparoscopic surgery training in India is available mainly in two types. First one is the observation basis, and the second one is the hands-on basis. When it comes to get training on observation basis, attendees have the opportunity to observe the whole surgery either live in the operation hall or in pre-recorded video. Whereas during hands-on training, trainees get a chance to operate a live laparoscope in a surgery.

The Medicity experts suggest to all the students or surgeons who are seeking to take these training programs, always go for hands-on based training programs because Medicity believes that anyone can learn effectively only by doing it themselves.

Departments that uses Laparoscopic surgery most:

Laparoscopic surgery training helps attendees to learn and experience  the ability and various techniques to use a laparoscope. Obstetrics and Gynecology are ideal departments to use laparoscopy surgery most.

Obstetrics and Gynecology departments overlap sometimes but both are not the same both have different concerns and responsibilities. On one side, where Obstetrics care about the wellbeing of a pregnant woman and deals with different problems created during pregnancy. Whereas on the other side Gynecologists deal with problems related to infertility involving all the defects related to abdomen and pelvis. From Gynecologists, a new sub-specialization exists known as  urogynaecologist who focuses only on pelvis related issues.

Laparoscopic Training and courses, Medicity offers:

The Medicity offers different types of laparoscopic surgery courses and training on the platform from different location centers across the country, which facilitates the ability to choose hands-on training courses according to your convenience.

Here is the list of courses and training programs that Medicity offers which includes hands-on training, fellowships and certification courses in different centers of Medicity.

  1. ART (IVF) & Laparoscopic Surgery Training, Gujrat
  2. Fellowship in Laparoscopic Surgery, Haryana
  3. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy & Myomectomy, Gujrat


The term urogynaecology is used to define those gynecologists who have specialization in Pelvis/Uterus related issues rather than whole gynecology. Means these are professionals who are trained and specialized to diagnose and treat women with different pelvis disorders.

So, fresh students of gynecology or already practicing professionals who want to upgrade their skills, join some different courses, training programs and fellowships in order to upskill and get more specialized in the community. Various urogynaecology course in India offer short-term learning through video, live recording and observation and once it is completed, a certification of completion is received.

Whereas urogynaecology fellowship in India offers a long term like 1-3 year normally in order to get real time experience and achieve competency in this specialization where those fellow doctors work and are involved in each case related to urogynaecology under a program director.

Now when it comes to joining urogynaecology training courses in the country, various programs offered, some of them observation based or a little bit hands-on practices whereas others are available in full hands-on training programs. But what The Medicity Institute experts suggest is that always select those training programs who have at least a 2:1 ratio of hands-on training and theory respectively.

Urogynaecology related programs Medicity offers:

The Medicity offers different hands-on training programs and courses that can help gynecologists to specialize in various sub-categories. Here are few of them-

  1. Hands-on training in IVF
  2. Hysteroscopy Fellowship
  3. Certificate course in Embryology


The Medicity Research Institute is putting effort into adding various options for different specializations, and maybe some of them haven't been mentioned in this blog but it's a suggestion to keep in touch with the Medicity team and stay updated. Still have any issue or doubt, just contact the toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or write a letter at info@themedicity.com .




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