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The medicity has tie-ups with more than 30 hospitals across the country. This is difficult to mention all the hospitals in single article, So we have selected only few from the list i.e. Sumiran Women’s Hospital, Akanksha IVF Center, Kamla Hospital, and Dr. Manchanda’s Clinic.

Let’s make you aware about these hospitals in a short description why these are important for us as well as what type of training programs and courses they offer on The Medicity Platform.

Sumiran Women’s Hospital

This NABH certified hospital is a leading IVF treatment center based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Sumiran Hospital has all the facilities related to infertility and pregnancy both including instrumentation and diagnosis like Ultrasound etc. The hospital is one of the successful centers in IVF with a success rate between 58% to 85%. The hospital has a modern facility of real 3D laparoscopic surgery and Minimal invasive e surgery with co-operative staff and homely atmosphere.

Dr. Mehul is the director of the hospital, also IVF Specialist and Consultant Endoscopic Surgeon. He is the director of Radhe Endoscopy Training Center & Research Institute which is recognized by FOGSI. Dr. M Sukhadiya is certified in “Gold Standard Technique of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy”.

The Medicity has been tied up with Sumiran Women’s Hospital to facilitate quality training courses for medical students which are designed and delivered by Dr M Sukhadiaya. He offers a total 3 training course programs on the medicity.

  1. ART(ivf) & laparoscopy training course - 14 Days
  2. ART(ivf) & laparoscopy training course - 7 Days
  3. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy & Myomectomy -  15 Days

    Akanksha IVF Center

Akanksha IVF Center is a leading infertility treatment center in Delhi-west. The clinical center offers free IVF consultation for the first time to the new patients. Every Friday and Saturday is a free consultation day, where Dr. K. D. Nayer will be your doctor who is chief consultant and Head Of Department with 40+ years of experience. He is a well known personality in IVF and renowned infertility. The clinical center offers test tube baby (ivf), Donor Insemination, IUI and ICSI etc.

Akanksha IVF center and The medicity offers various infertility courses on the platform in gynecology related specialization.

  1. Advanced clinical courses in ART (7 Days - 30 Days)
  2. Embryology training and courses (2 Days - 30 Days)

Kamla Hospital

A Gurgaon based multi-speciality hospital, Kamla Hospital is a unit of KJS Hospitals Pvt. Ltd having a total of 50 bed capacity. Dr. Jyoti Y. is the senior consultant and director of the hospital who has expertise in child and mother care, & gynecology.

The Medicity and Kamla Hospital are tied up to provide you as a medical student with different gynae and ultrasound training & courses. Dr. Jyoti Y. offers multiple courses on the platform related to postpartum care, Pregnancy ultrasound and other Gynae related courses and training including IUI, Semenology, Laparoscopy, High-risk pregnancy and healthy plan during pregnancy.  Some of popular programs are:

  1. Hands on approach in high-risk pregnancy
  2. Basic course in semenology and IUI
  3. Training in laparoscopic surgery
  4. Basic & Advanced Ultrasound training programme etc.
   Bottom Line:

The Medicity is facilitating you with the best training program from best specialized mentors to make you confident and aid to upskill your expertise. These are not total, Medicity have a total of 30+ hospitals pan India with whom we have tied up in order to provide you best training possible.  

In the latest changes, The Medicity is planning to offer subscription based service where you’ll have access to hundreds of course videos which help you to stay updated with latest technology and trends with global curriculum based knowledge in a single click.

So, if you are planning to take a course then, visit the medicity & fill the enquiry form. Alternatively you an call us at toll-free 1800-572-8484 or write an email at 

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