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Once you decide to choose a medical training course, then here comes the question - how would you get registered in that training course through The Medicity platform? Throughout the blog we’ll help you to not just get updates with latest changes but also how you can effectively navigate with the platform? So stay tuned till the end because at the end of this blog, you’ll also get to know why you should consider Medicity in order to register for your desired training program.

Let’s begin with the first commitment that has been made in our headline - What are the latest changes that have been done on the platform?

Latest Changes on Medicity Research Institute-

In the beginning of this new year 2022, Medicity Online Training Institute has made some changes in order to help you to join your preferred course in multiple specialities in a more simple way. Let’s understand each change that has been made on the platform.

Send Enquiries Directly From Blogs:

Now when you are reading this blog, before the blog starts, you’ve definitely noticed an enquiry form. This has been added recently for ease to send enquiry directly from where you are. Earlier when someone is trying to reach us, he/she has to fill up the enquiry after leaving the blog and go to the course page, that makes it a little difficult to find.

Book Your Seats with a Token Amount:

It's great news that now you can book your slots in upcoming courses with a little token amount. Yes, as the demand is increasing, seats get full oftenly, so this feature allows you to book your slot before official registration opens. just send enquiry to the Medicity team and ask for a token registration link. As the team receives the enquiry, one of our medical staff sends you the registration link via email or whatsapp after a confirmation call. Just fill the form and complete payment of the token amount that can vary from course to course and normally starts with just Rs 500/- so what are you waiting for. Book your slots now.

Now Online Courses also Available:

The Medicity is offering online courses also without compromising the core principle of the institute i.e. Aim to build skillful and specialized doctors & surgeons across the country. Till Last  year, only offline hands-on training courses were available but now you can also find online courses which can be completed from anywhere according to your schedule & comfort.

How to Navigate with Main Page:

Our technical team has done a great job to keep our main page as simple as we can make it convenient for you. Once you open the home page you’ll see a few sections which are very clear to understand. Contact, Seach, Direct links and Footer, now let’s know what is the purpose of these section-

Contact: The main purpose of this section is to get in touch with our team with just one click. Either you can call us on our toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or chat with us directly on whatsapp.

Search Box: This looks like Google where you enter your query but related to courses for example “IVF”, and this starts showing results of those courses that are directly or indirectly related to the search term “IVF” available on the platform.

Direct Links: These are very helpful inorder to collect information about courses, related videos, Our all events including Past, On-going, and Upcoming events, and don’t forget our Alumni page to look at some awesome moments. 

Footer: This includes all other links including social media links of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. You’ll also find pages related to career, support, and business. Also you'll get a page translation option which is by default english, where you can translate it into your preferred language.

Benefits with The Medicity:

Once you join the medicity research institute, you get various benefits which are not just good for your learning but for your career. Here are few main benefits to getting registered with us-

  1. You will find courses that are enriched in hands-on training sessions.
  2. If you select Online classes then you’ll get Live lectures, recorded videos, study material with updated curriculum.
  3. Get a facility to change training hospitals within 24 hours of registration if any difficulty occurs.
  4. If you cancel any course slot then according to the situation, you’ll get refunded or you can reschedule the program.
  5. Get double certification from both “The Medicity” and “Respective Hospital” where you’ll get training, after successful completion.
Bottom Line:

Till this blog, you have understood the benefits and got updated with the latest changes that have been done on Medicity Online Training Institute But only get explanations regarding the main page of the website. In upcoming blogs you’ll also get to know one by one the navigation of courses, blogs and other pages. For more information and enquiry, just fillup the form attached on the top of the blog post. Or you have another choice, as till the time, now you know how to contact through the main page i.e. contact section including toll-free 1800-572-9494 or direct chat via whatsapp. Also there is an option to write an email at








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