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IVF training for Gynaecologist can be a best option to shape their future

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In this pandemic time, Covid - 19 has covered all the world. The healthcare delivery systems are impacted more than other fields. Every person’s life has been affected and now people are changing their way of thinking. Now, we are trying to get over all of this. But, if we look around us, the epidemic affected the subspecialty of gynaecological oncology.

Globally, the prevalence of infertile couples is increasing. According to WHO, one out of every eight couples struggles with infertility because of their poor lifestyle and medical conditions.

Couples need doctors’ advice and they have to visit the hospitals time-to-time and we are facing a lack of hospitals and gynaecologists. In this situation, good hands-on IVF training can give the best shape to a gynaecologist’s future. 


hands-on IVF training


Future as a Gynaecologist

As a gynaecologist, you need to perform only a few preliminary tests and investigations to know the condition of women and prevent male examinations. You need to get the best IVF training center to learn this procedure. A good training institute can teach you how IVF/ICSI is done. 

There are many institutes or training centres that are providing the best training for decades. New gynaecologists are arising every day as a blessing for women. In India, we have approximately 2,00,000 witnesses every year of IVF and this number is increasing even more. So, there’s a huge demand for fertility specialists.

You can find employment in the below positions after completing your degree and hands-on training from a specialist/institute.

  1. Clinic Director

  2. Clinical Embryologist

  3. Fertility Nurse

  4. Nurse Manager

  5. Lab Embryologist

  6. Fertility Specialist

  7. IVF Nurse Manager

  8. Sonographer

  9. Senior Sonographer

  10. IVF Specialised Sister

  11. IVF Senior Staff Nurse

  12. IVF Staff Nurse

  13. Consultant in Reproductive Medicine/Fertility Specialist 

  14. Deputy Laboratory Manager

  15. Reproductive Technologist

  16. Pre-Registrant Embryologist

  17. Head of Laboratories

According to a report in 2019, experienced clinical embryologists earned an average annual salary of $68,922. Embryologists who have 10-20 years of experience, made about $87,300 and entry-level embryologists got approximately $51,300 annually.

Career as an Embryologist in Gynecology

Embryologists Role in Medical Science

Embryologists work for those who have fertility problems like difficulty in conceiving or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Embryologists provide in vitro fertilization as a reproductive solution. The main objective of an embryologist is to examine undeveloped egg cells (oocytes) health and to check whether they can rule out fertility issues. They work to make sperms so that they can use the most fitted during the process. They freeze and store all necessary ingredients to make a successful IVF. 

Embryologists can work in academic or research institutes or get employment in hospitals or clinics specializing in reproduction and fertility.  

To become an embryologist, a master's degree is a must. While some of them may continue into a medical degree or doctorate. 

An embryologist's work includes research, writing, fertility medical procedure, or patient counselling. 

hands-on IVF training

What to Teach to an Embryologist

The demand for experienced and certified gynaecologists will grow rapidly as they only are who give new hope to a family. Nowadays people are aware of IVF and trust doctors and technology and they don’t think that much before IVF. They look for an experienced gynaecologist and try to conceive a baby through In vitro fertilisation.

So, you need to get experienced and certified by a good institute or hospital. Various reputed institutes help you to get that. You can choose from various short and long term training programs at an IVF institute. A best IVF training centre aims to bring doctors and embryologists to the next level of knowledge and practical competence in the field. It makes you a professional in a systematic understanding of clinical embryology and ART while developing high-level laboratory skills in clinical, andrology, embryology, and ART.

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