Hands-on Training in high-risk Pregnancy

Hands-on Training in high-risk Pregnancy at The Medicity

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High-risk pregnancy generally means that when a woman gets pregnant there is a higher chance of pregnancy complications. It is not necessary that they will face complications at the end or something bad will happen, it’s just a warning to take extreme care and the patient is given extra attention. This high-risk pregnancy can be due to various symptoms like previous pregnancy complications, multiple babies etc. 

To learn to overcome these high pregnancy issues there are many gynaecologists who look towards this issue. Many future gynaecologists are also taking hands-on training in high-risk pregnancy to enhance their skills and gain more knowledge about the same.

About the course

Medicity provides various medical courses to medical aspirants and already practicing specialists to enhance and sharpen their skills in their desired course. Medicity has collaborated with over 28+ certified medical Institutions and hospitals to help the aspirants to learn from experienced experts.

One such course which The Medicity provides is the fellowship in high-risk pregnancy by partnering with Kamla Hospital situated in Gurugram under Dr. Jyoti Yadav who is the course director for this course. Kamla Hospital has an excellent advanced team of doctors and highly qualified technological tools and equipment.

Hands-On training in High-Risk Pregnancy

This course provides the aspirants with insights into how to deal with pregnancy issues, management of labor and delivery, fatal diseases etc. 

The candidates who are eligible for this course are MBBS/MD/MS/DNB in the concerned speciality from MCI recognized institutes.

This course provides the applicants with both theoretical and practical knowledge about a high-risk pregnancy. The hands-on training course is very useful as practical knowledge on high technological advanced tools and equipment is a must from time to time. 

The candidates will be able to achieve detailed risk evaluation previously, during, and after pregnancy Antenatal conclusion of a wide scope of materno-fetal disorders, some of which might require invasive system Management of high-hazard pregnancies during the antenatal, intrapartum, and post-pregnancy period. 

The candidates are also provided with certificates after successfully completing the course through assessment and approval of the institution and by The Medicity.

Hands-On training in High-Risk Pregnancy

For more information regarding training courses on high risk, pregnancy visit The Medicity or contact: 1800-572-9494

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