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Hands On Surgery Training Helps New Medical Students

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Hands On Surgery Training Helps New Medical Students

Technology gives a boost to medical education. Many surgeries have become possible these days due to technology. Technology is being used in ophthalmology departments like eye surgery and kidney, gall bladder surgeries as well, which was not there before.

The technology used is podcasts and videos with flipped classrooms, simulations, Google glass, and robotics in surgery. These techniques have led to the changing educational environment of the medical field. The medical education for the future will be enhanced by the infrastructure provided by these new technologies. 

As we know, many medical areas require advanced technology with change in this dynamic environment. As with new advancement in technology there is a need for Hands-On Surgery Training which can help the medical students to gain more knowledge regarding new surgical tools and its practical usage. 

The safety of patients is the key focus at all levels of medical education.

Surgery training at medical schools enables safe, efficient and competent doctors. It would improve surgical skills. It would also increase the interest in surgery among the medical students. The Medicity has collaborated with various medical institutions which provide with a very safe working environment, 

One-day surgical-skill training programs were conducted for the medical students. Surgical-suturing techniques and modernised surgical procedures like laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgery, operating-room sessions, and hybrid simulation sessions were all organised together. The experts assessed the suturing skills of students in the form of a checklist. The interest in medical students for surgical careers increased by this programme. More students were interested in making their career in the surgical department. 

It can be considered that if an intensive or rigorous surgical skill training program is conducted for the medical students, every year, then the interests of students in taking surgery as a career will be increased and surgical- suturing skills will also get improved.

Hands on surgery training

Under the supervision of senior surgeons, new medical students are trained in surgical skills, in the operating rooms. This method is also called apprenticeship training.

Different types of training modules and assessment tools are used in the education of medical students. Numerous studies are there regarding the standardization of surgical training protocols.

Surgery has existed in India for a long time. It is also one of the most important parts of the medical department. Ancient Indian surgeons used to perform nose jobs and skin grafts. It is a kind of plastic surgery which has become a luxury nowadays. The roots of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures are more than 2500 years old. In this modern era also, surgeons are using skin grafts to restore areas where the protective layers of the tissue have been lost due to any kind of infection, burn or trauma etc.

So, we see that surgery plays a vital role in our modern day to day lives. By organising training sessions on surgery, learning of new and resident doctors can be improved and more new students would become eager to opt for surgery as their career. Heart transplantation, end stage kidney disease, and liver disease have also come under the realm of surgery. 

The surgery for obesity and diabetes also called metabolic surgery is the latest to arrive on the scene. With increased trauma and lifestyle disease, Orthopaedics has emerged as an attractive branch for surgery. Surgery has a wide scope in India as well as abroad because salary is very lucrative here as well as abroad. A student can always pursue a career in this field of surgery which will enhance opportunities for learning and growth.

Medicity is also providing hands-on surgery training courses to the interested applicants. For further queries regarding the hands-on surgery training contact 1800-572-9494 or visit our website: www.themedicity.com

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