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In-vitro fertilization is a process where the fertilization of an egg is done in vitro. After coming up with so many techniques and procedures for couples suffering from infertility, there is a huge demand for IVF centers and IVF treatment in India as there are IVF treatment services at affordable prices. Many people from abroad travel to India for IVF treatment services at an affordable cost. Similarly, there is a huge demand for professional expertise in IVF and this field has scope in many career prospects for the medical aspirants. Therefore many candidates want to get training in IVF from the best IVF training centers in India.

Looking into the huge demand for infertility centers, many hospitals, medical institutions have introduced training courses in IVF and are encouraging the students to take admission in the same. The Medicity is a digital learning platform providing hands-on training courses to aspiring candidates seeking to pursue their careers in any medical field. Medicity is providing hands-on training courses in IVF in collaboration with many renowned medical institutions and hospitals providing training in IVF and other infertility ART techniques and procedures.

Best IVF Institutes in collaboration with The Medicity

Medicity has been collaborating with the best IVF institutes in India, to help students get advanced hands-on training in their desired medical field. The following are some collaborating hospitals and medical institutions:

  1. Balaji Fertility and IVF Centre: Balaji fertility and IVF center is a Delhi-based IVF focus with first-class innovation and the best IVF lab for treatment and involved in hands-on training in IVF and some more. Dr. Arun Raychaudhuri, Senior Consultant IVF and Fertility in ART has brought smiles to countless appearances of couples who were experiencing difficulty conceiving. Balaji Fertility and IVF Center are actively preparing IVF courses to give competitors experiences into IVF methodology and procedures. This course furnishes competitors with complete hands-on training experience.

  2. Akanksha IVF center: Akanksha IVF center is a Delhi-based IVF center set up in 2002 with the reason to help infertile couples long for their very own group. Dr. K.D Nayar established this center to help the couples in need and to give on-field practical training in ICSI, cryopreservation, courses in embryology, and some more.

 3.International Institute of reproductive and fertility training (IIRFT): IIRFT is a Delhi-based academic organization giving training to applicants in the field of ART, IVF, IUI, ICSI, and different methods. The foundation has been giving ART hands-on training starting around 2010 and in the beyond five years has finished training for more than 500 competitors.Dr. Rita Bakshi is the chairperson and consultant at IIRFT and has been giving testament courses in embryology, Andrology, Semenology and IUI, cryopreservation, and so forth

 4. The Fertilis Academy: Fertilis Academy is an academic medical organization arranged in Gurgaon and Punjab. Dr. Sarabpreet Singh began this organization to formalize training in andrology and embryology. He is a senior embryologist with about 13 years of experience with Embryology.He has additionally given hands-on training courses at Artemis clinic, Gurgaon giving a theoretical and practical understanding of andrology and embryology strategies. Fertilis institution has been giving clinical andrology and embryology training and involved OPU, ET instructional classes to give active training to the aspiring candidate

 5. Sumiran Women’s Hospital: Sumiran hospital is an endoscopy center and infertility hospital situated in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Sumiran women's hospital was set up by Dr. Mehul Sukhadiya, an IVF specialist, Endoscopic specialist advisor, and the best IVF doctor in India. Sumiran emergency clinic is giving ART(IVF) and Laparoscopy training courses to the applicants with proper hands-on training.

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The Medicity provides hands-on training courses in IVF and not only in IVF but also in other various medical fields like gynecology, orthopedics, obstetrics, dermatology, and many more. To know more and for admission enquiry contact: 1800-572-9494 or write us at:








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