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A hands-on medical training session is available at the Medicity for the clinical professional and novice surgeon. However, we have been training over 3500+ professionals across more than 20+ training centers in India since 2005. Researchers at the Medicity Institute have found that many doctors and surgeons want an ed-tech solution specifically for them. Our subscription-based learning model includes various specializations including Ultrasoundography and Laparoscopic surgery.

How does Medicity's Subscription-Based Learning work?

Our subscription-based learning model is the same as other Ed-Tech organizations. One year of video access and study materials with more different features is available for a small fee. Learning this way doesn't limit your learning options, you can easily access the videos from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection such as ethernet or Wi-Fi, etc. 

The Medicity institute currently offers subscriptions for three subspecialties, which are all connected through one expertise called "Gynecology." These three services (at the moment) are Gynae Ultrasound, Embryology, and Laparoscopy. The following sections provide a detailed overview of these programs.

What is the purpose of the Subscription Model?

In establishing the medical school, the vision was that students could learn more effectively by doing instead of memorizing. The problem in that model is that it would only offer hands-on training, what about 3rd or 4th-year medical students as well as surgeons who need revisions promptly? The second thing to note is that after Covid hit, digitalization has evolved more than ever, and you can now attend online classes and meetings.

You will receive not only a thorough understanding of the curriculum available at the medical department of your choice but also a thorough understanding of the latest updates, changes, and study options, such as videos. All the medical programs are accessible for the whole year if you register and subscribe to any of them.

The following options are available for subscription learning/department:

There are currently three courses offered by the medical institute: Gynecology Ultrasound, Embryology, and Laparoscopy. Each course is separate from the others. They all have one thing in common: when one becomes a gynecologist, then all clinical courses correspond to their career path. Whether a person is interested in laparoscopic surgery or sonography depends on their career aspirations.

Gynecological Ultrasound
The purpose of Gynecology Ultrasound is to check the internal parts of the abdomen and uterus before, during, and after pregnancy, to track and treat disorders associated with it. Once you subscribe to the medicity online training program, you will receive a ppt, recorded videos, and more. We are constantly adding new study material and extending learning opportunities. Your learning starts from basic concepts in sonography while the entire program is organized into modules. A wide range of topics is covered in this section, from the basics of ultrasound throughout pregnancy to advanced concepts like types of ultrasound, how to detect and diagnose disorders, etc.
A study of embryology
In the IVF specialty of infertility, embryology is a subspecialty that focuses on understanding the embryo, its development, and its implantation. In addition to the previous course, this one is also taught by the Medicity Research institute and includes two-way learning. You can either use ppts and learn through them or watch pre-recorded videos to learn step-by-step.

Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has become increasingly popular to avoid open surgery because only small incisions are necessary for the surgery area. In addition to a faster recovery time, this procedure is more affordable and less prone to infection risks. Laparoscopy is a program available at Medicity online training institute. This program is not specific to any department. Although we offer a range of services, our focus is primarily on gynecology, pregnancy, pelvic disorders, etc. The course already has over 350 modules, demonstrating its depth and suitability for both fresh graduates and experienced physicians alike.


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