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Laparoscopy Surgery is one of the most practiced specialities in healthcare in the country, The demand of Fellowships in Laparoscopic Surgery, & Hands-on Laparoscopic Training Courses in India is in demand because India's healthcare costs are among the lowest in the world, so lots of patients arrive in hospitals in order to get treatment.

Basically Laparoscopy surgery is a type of procedure with a lot of complications handled by the surgeon in order to avoid making large incisions in the skin to access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis that’s why laparoscopy surgery is also known as keyhole surgery. This shows that Laparoscopy needs lots of practice.

Surgeons practice this procedure properly through Laparoscopic Fellowships in India with various programs. To minimize the time duration of laparoscopic practices or upskill their laparoscopic surgery capabilities, some surgeons practice this skill through various Laparoscopic  surgery courses and laparoscopy training in india. Let’s discuss these programs and know why there are different laparoscopic surgery training courses in India if different laparoscopy fellowships in India already exist, with their advantages.

Fellowship in Laparoscopic Surgery in India:

During the practice of fellowship in laparoscopic surgery in the country, the fellow practices under a course director, where fellow surgeons will assist the course director in all the healthcare duties related to the laparoscopy patients and will be diligently involved in all the projects related to laparoscopy surgery. The fellowships should be 1 to 3 year long in order to get proper knowledge and complete practice to become a certified surgeon. But nowadays these programs are even shorter, like 3 months or 6 months.

More often, a fellowship in laparoscopy surgery is for medical students with a 3 year program like graduation or more like post graduation but that’s not compulsory, already practicing surgeons like MBBS can also join these programs to improve their competency in laparoscopy. General surgeons, Obstetrician-gynecologists, Urologists are the ideal specialists who perform laparoscopy surgery.

Laparoscopy Fellowship in India is popular as Fellowship in ‘MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY’ and the biggest advantage of a fellowship program in Laparoscopy is that it provides you the real environment for surgery and gives an exposure in the field with a self confidence to treat laparoscopic patients independently.

Once a fellow complete a fellowship in laparoscopic surgery, just like laparoscopic gynaecology fellowship, the fellow can easily operate as a surgeon in Laparoscopic Myomectomy, Management of Tubal Pregnancy, Management of Ovarian Cyst, Repair of Duodenal Perforation, Appendectomy etc and abel to diagnose Laparoscopy and Laparoscopic Sterilization,& Hysteroscopy depending on the different fellowship course structure.

Laparoscopic Surgery Courses in India:

Laparoscopic Courses are designed for a short duration of time which is less than a fellowship program, in order to give a short but crisp knowledge about surgery that can be either hands-on or observation based or a mix of them. In the current scenario, the mix of laparoscopic courses in India are preferred to not just provide knowledge and learning but have some practice along with. Basically these types of courses are designed based on 60-70% observation and 20-30% practical bases. These are good if a healthcare professional wants to upskill the competency or upgrade themselves in the field of laparoscopic surgery.

The main advantages of such types of courses is that these are organised multiple times in a year and due to short duration, are cost effective. Plus these are done under a specialist doctor, you can grab learning and gain the experience directly from a mentor like gynae laparoscopy training.

Generally, once someone complete these laparoscopic courses in india, will able to handle different situation with more confidence like Repair of Duodenal Perforation,  Nephrectomy, Management of Hydatid Cyst, Simple Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, Total Hysterectomy, Burch Suspension, & Tubal Anastomosis etc. which depends on the course structure & student speciality.

Laparoscopy Hands-on Training in India:

A hands-on training in Laparoscopy is perfect for trainees who want to grind their surgical skills in order to achieve a competency in this speciality. These training programs are generally based on fully hands-on practices under supervision of a mentor with years of  experience and are well qualified. The trainee gets a full chance to get involved in a real surgery to complete some part of surgery by themselves.

Laparoscopy hands-on training is very short duration like 2-3 days and best for healthcare professionals to build self-confidence in between themselves and learning new open techniques and tips to enhance their surgical skills. The Medicity is an online platform which helps healthcare professionals to find best hands-on training in laparoscopic surgery in India and across the globe.

Best part of joining a hands-on training program through The Medicity Institute:

  • Choice of selection as it provides the flexibility to join a training program based on availability, location and time duration.

  • Book the program remotely because Medicity is  an online platform which can be accessed anywhere with the help of the internet.

  • The Medicity Team which is always ready to solve the attendees joining related & fee related problems.

  • Mentorships under a highly experienced, board certified and well qualified healthcare professional where you’ll improve your skills in a span of time.

So, why waiting too much, for getting more information related hands on laparoscopic training surgery or regarding any enquiry related training or fees, please contact to the toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or write mail at

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