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India has the highest number of diabetic subjects in the world, gaining the undesirable title of “”Diabetes Capital of the World.”” The newest global diabetes numbers provided by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) have raised severe concerns for India, revealing that nearly 52 percent of Indians are unaware that they have excessive blood sugar. India currently has 65 million diabetics. Diabetes is estimated to reach 100 million people in India by 2030. For diabetes fellowship course details and information see The Medicity website.

The economic cost of diabetes in India is among the highest in the world as a result of these staggering statistics. However, the true burden of the condition is owing to its related consequences, which result in increased morbidity and mortality. The IMACGP has created the Fellowship programme in Diabetes Mellitus to provide doctors with the most up-to-date, therapeutically relevant material in the area, as well as a thorough understanding of the disease, its consequences, and therapy.


Target Audience

General Practitioners, MBBS Doctors.


Format for Course Delivery

This course is totally provided online. It consists of a series of extensive lectures by a subject professor, accompanied with slides, animations, and interactive content as needed. The delivery method allows for a great deal of customization. You may interrupt an instructor to consult your textbooks (not included) and take notes. You can even rewind a segment to hear the teacher again, or skip a slide or two if you already know that information. You can bookmark a section that you want to return to later, perhaps to brush up on before your examinations. While the courses in this course may be placed in a specific order based on our curriculum, you have the option to study them in the order of your choice based on your own learning needs.


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The one-year Diabetes Mellitus Fellowship aims to prepare you as a generalist doctor with complete up-to-date expertise in Diabetes treatment, allowing you to comfortably deal with routine Diabetes problems in your clinical practise. Candidates will be instructed on many elements of diabetes inpatient and outpatient treatment during the course. They will also have experience managing diverse diabetes complications through rotations in diabetic eye, heart, and foot clinics, as well as critical care. The candidate will be completely competent to deal with every type of diabetic patient as well as diabetes complications of any severity at the end of the Course.


The student will be able to do the following after completing the Program:

Diabetes screening and diagnosis
Diabetes treatment:
Oral Hypoglycemic Agents and Insulin with the most recent advancements
Diabetes complications and management
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