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India has presumably recorded the biggest growth in ART centers and the number of ART cycles being performed in our country has steadily risen over the last decade. Therefore, there is a tremendous increase in ART centers, and with advancements in technology, very few experts have the basic training knowledge of the techniques and procedures of ART. Therefore, clinical courses in ART and other ART courses have been introduced which helps the aspirants to get a better understanding of ART procedures.

ART techniques and procedures have been increasing by leaps and bounds in India. There has been an increase in ART centers in India in these years as many ART techniques like ICSI and IVF have been a boon to many infertile couples. With also growth in the economy in developed and developing countries many infertile couples are able to afford the ART treatment now. 

Basic clinical course in ART - IUI and simulation 

This course provides the aspirants with hands-on training experience and also helps them to enhance their clinical skills in ART. This course provides the applicants with an enriching learning experience in the field of ART. 

This clinical course is provided in collaboration with Akanksha IVF Centre situated in Delhi. Dr. K.D Nayar, chief consultant, and HOD at Akansha is the chief director of this course. 

Best Hands on IUI Course

The candidates who are eligible for this course are: 

  • Doctors specialized in MBBS DGO / DNB, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG, or any medical degree.

  • Physicians who are familiar with OI (Ovulation Induction) & IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) procedures using stimulation with gonadotropins.

  • Experience in transvaginal ultrasound for follicular tracking.


The takeaway from this course:

  • To conduct in-depth clarification of all aspects of an IVF cycle including pre-treatment evaluation and testing, keeping in mind the ethical and profitable condemnations of the treatment.

  • Avail the chance to observe various treatment procedures both through live videotape feed and visits to the clinic and operating room for ultrasound reviews, oocyte recovery, and embryo transfer.

  • The course is ideal for both apprentices and established IVF practitioners in the IVF field who are looking to further enhance their experience.

  • Participants can attain a certificate of attendance after completing the Course assessment at the end of the Course by The Medicity and Clinical Training certification by the Respective Hospital.

Best Hands on IUI Course

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