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Different Learning Modes Offered by The Medicity in 2022

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The Medicity is an online platform now offering various learning modes including Online & Offline. Online methods are also available in courses basis and subscription basis both, to offer choice on your comfort basis. Over 3500 students have completed their individual hands-on training from various training centers of medicity spread across the country. Through this blog, you’ll be able to acknowledge all these methods offered by medicity institute with a proper guide to access everything in simple steps.

Every mode, the medicity institute offers, has multiple benefits and advantages, to join the medical training course, which we’ll be discussing along with the briefing of these methodologies.

Two Primary Learning Methods: Online & Offline

The Medicity offers two major learning modes which are Online modes and Offline modes. Online method offers course wise pre-recorded video based learning through web or application whereas offline mode offers hands-on session with live instructor where you can grab the concepts directly from the experienced doctor. Let’s discuss one by one with the benefits and step-wise guide to access.

The Medicity: Offline Learning

We all know offline training and courses have been the backbone of medical practices and learning. The Medicity Institute believes in learning by doing because it is the best way to memorize and achieve competency on different medical concepts, laboratory setups, and management skills. We offer multiple offline courses and hands-on training programs in different specialities including Gynecology, Cosmetology, Diet and Nutrition, Laparoscopy and much more.

Guide to Access Offline Courses

The IT team of Medicity has simplified the interface for easy to navigate to every medical professional. You just need to follow a simple, easy process to get enrolled just through your smartphone. 

  1. Create an account on our website and login with your credentials.
  2. Go to the uisearchbar and search your focus keyword. For example: “Laparoscopy” and press enter.
  3. Here you’ll get all the list of courses and training programs, select your desired one.
  4. If still facing issues to find a course then use the filter option to narrow down your search, then select your course.
  5. Click the “Book Now” option and choose available slots and complete your payment. That’s it, you are enrolled.
  6. If you have any issue, just send us an enquiry, our one of the medical staff will reach you out soon.
Benefits of Offline Courses on The Medicity
  • Hands-on training gives you practical exposure in the medical community.
  • Learn live directly from qualified and experienced doctors as mentors.
  • Outreach to like minded and in field peoples to build a strong network.
The Medicity: Online Learning

Medicity Institute now offers online courses without violating its core principle “learning by practicing”. All the courses are enriched with stimulator based lectures that give you the ability to learn and acknowledge the concepts in 3D view.

Guide to Access Offline Courses

All the steps and procedures will be the same for Online course registration like Offline is except one thing, where you wind online courses. You just need to follow one more step after searching the course on the search bar.

Just apply one extra filter i.e. in the filter section, select the type of course- ”Online”. Once you do it, you can continue to follow further steps like offline.

Benefits of Online Courses on The Medicity

  • 3D based simulation lectures for effective learning.
  • Latest designed curriculum based content delivery to ensure quality learning.
  • Access from anywhere, anytime with a cost effective fee.
Subscription Based Learning Model: Big Update

The big update is on the way. The Medicity is planning to come up with subscription based learning where you pay the least possible amount as subscription fees and get the access to thousands of clinical videos related to concept explanations, latest procedure, news, tips from mentors and many more.  All the formalities are almost done and this feature could be launched anytime, to get latest updates and announcements news, send an enquiry to the support team and as the launch date confirms and releases, you’ll get to know about it.


Let’s summarize what you have gathered from this blog post. Okay, so first we have discussed what the learning modes “The Medicity Institute” offers, then we have discussed how you can navigate through websites and enroll in your desired courses and training programs. Also we have been discussing the benefits of both the learning modes offered by Medicity Institute alongside the guide. And at the end, we have discussed the big update for you, that The Medicity is now ready to launch a subscription based learning model and it can be released any time. So, yes! This is for now. Keep studying the medicity blog for more information, clarity and ideas.

You can call us to our toll free number 1800-572-9494 or write us an email to or the best way to connect with us is to generate an enquiry from the above attached form.


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