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Clinical Course for ART is a necessity for every medical student and professional who belongs to a background of any infertility as well as fertility specialization including andrology and embryology. As the fertility rate of the average Indian is decreasing over the years, last year it was 2.179 which is less than in 2000 when it was 3.346. The demand for infertility treatment professionals is increasing, which leads to a strong need for short term training programs and courses. In this blog, you'll learn about various clinical ART courses related to human fertility including speciality like andrology, and embryology as well as surgeries like Minimal invasive surgery, and hysteroscopy surgery.

Clinical Andrology course:

This type of certificate course in andrology offers you the learning ability to deal with disorders related to male reproductive system. These courses involve the explanations related to fundamental concepts of Adrenal Disorders and advanced concepts like Surgical Management of Male Infertility. The time duration of the Clinical Andrology course program can differ from institution to institution but one thing that must be common is the commitment to offer the best curriculum according to industry demand. The medicity does the same with it’s courses which are available on the platform.

Eligibility & Certification:

The eligibility criteria of such courses may also be distinct based on the course and knowledge levels. But most commonly if you want to join such a program then you must have a medical background in IVF, Urology, and other fertility related specialties.

After completion of these courses, all the candidates that have completed the learning get certification of completion same as Medicity releases the certification only after the assessment that is held under the supervision of course mentor. An average certificate course in an andrology program offers at least all the concepts and surgery techniques used in andrology.

ART Course in Embryology:

Term embryology is just opposite of andrology, Embryologists are concerned with the female reproductive system, from embryo to fetus everything, and are responsible to take care of embryo from development to Implantation. An ART course for embryologists is the way to acquire the sub-speciality of embryology in a short-period of time. Such a type of program covers the fundamental concepts and advanced theories depending on the type of program and its duration.

On average, a normal embryology course covers all about basic thesis, laboratory setup, and troubleshooting in Embryology, every step of embryo development including Stem Cells, Oogenesis, development, Ovarian hyperstimulation, and Patient screening etc. The Medicity Institute also offers Clinical Embryology Training Course in Gurgaon.

Eligibility & Certification:

To enroll in such an embryology course program, you have to be eligible for the program that varies from the type of course. The medical school requires a background in already practicing embryologists as the course is on an advanced level. Except for these, the candidates must have a background in ART (IVF) or Urology or have a medical degree like MBBS, MD, MS. Some basic courses demand a graduation in life science background or biotechnology.

After the completion of the course, each candidate gets certified from the institute where they have taken the course, as the medicity offers double certification from both the “Medicity” as well as the respective center where you’ll get the training.


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