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According to latest Studies, In Almost 40% of infertility couples, The male is either the only cause or he has involvement in infertility cause.  Clinical Andrology and Embryology are treatment methodologies that help positively in male infertility treatment. This is the main aim to take short-term Andrology And Embryology courses either online or offline.

Where Embryology is all about the specialized study of embryo related terms and treatment on the other hand andrology solely focuses on male well-being and health. The Medicity is one of the best institutions which offers multiple short-term and long-term Clinical Andrology And Embryology training courses focused on hands-on experiences.

Here are few most enrolled training courses for both beginners and experienced surgeons and doctors.

Clinical Andrology & Embryology:

This course is designed to facilitate the theoretical and practical acknowledgement of Andrology and its methodologies. The techniques and hands-on training sessions which are included in the course gives every candidate a best combination of learning by doing which is the core principle of the medicity institute. This course is a two days program suitable for those who want Basic Andrology lab training with real experiences. The main aim of the course is to provide you a better understanding of andrology techniques and group discussion on case studies with presentation and also will tell you how to set-up the andrology laboratory for right diagnosis and treatment.

Eligibility & Mentor:

The Medicity is offering this course in collaboration with highly experienced industry expert Dr. Sarabpreet Singh who is senior embryologist and also is the course director of this course. To join this course you have to be a degree holder of medical background such as MBBS, Biomedical Scientists, Homeopathy, Ayurveda or IVF nurse and other clinical graduation degree. If you are looking to join such a course then contact the medicity team to check eligibility which can be done by just filing the above enquiry form.

  Certificate course in Embryology:

This is a one-week certification program to deliver in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of IVF and embryology to ensure the highest quality and best possible success rate. The course consists of all the important concepts of embryology including Embryo cleavage, Embryo selection, culture medium and embryo transfer etc. The main aim of this course is to enable the opportunity of acquiring the latest and up-to-date knowledge with hands-on experiences. The whole course not just focuses on core clinical skills but also soft-skills that are required throughout the fellows career like record-keeping, quality control maintenance, and presentation skills.

Eligibility & Course Director:

After completion of this course from The Medicity, you will be able to solve troubleshooting and perform core techniques and methodologies to set-up laboratories and perform required actions. The course is provided with the collaboration of IIRFT under the mentorship of Dr. Rita Bakshi who is an experienced gynaecologist and IVF expert. To be eligible for this program is to have a life science background in BSc & MSc or a medical degree in MBBS, MD etc. To check eligibility or any detail, you can fill-up the above enquiry-form.

Andrology And Embryology and OPU, ET (SIMULATORS):

This is a short-term course for those who are already doing their own IVF cycles but they have lack of confidence when it comes to performing egg retrieval and embryo transfer on live patients. This may be because of the absence of practical exposures. The complete course is a mixture of observation based sessions, stimulation based sessions and rest hands-on sessions based on availability. The course includes a live demonstration of Laboratory equipment and their functioning. The complete course includes not just core skills of andrology and embryology but also enables soft skills like quality control and maintenance along with proper professional record keeping skills. The course includes troubleshooting sessions to resolve the troubleshooting that occurs during  the application of techniques and procedures.

Eligibility & Trainer:

The Medicity comes with this course with a collaboration of Fertilis under the course director Dr. Sarabpreet Singh, a senior embryologist with lots of experience. If you have a qualification of any medical degree or graduation degree in life-science background or you are already an Embryologists, Andrologists and IVF professional then you are a right candidate to join this course. For more information or enquiry, please contact the medicity team by filling up the enquiry form appearing on the top.


The Andrology and Embryology courses are in demand in not just India but all across the globe. This is the right time to register for this type of training and certification programs in order to achieve competency in the specialization within a short period of time. Through this blog, here is a glimpse of top rated courses. The Medicity Institute is still adding courses on a regular basis, so before selecting such courses, visit the course section of the official website. For other details and information, here is toll-free number 1800-572-9494 or you can write an email on .

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