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The Medicity is an online leading learning platform, developed to provide & help future doctors or already practising surgeons with certified courses and hands-on medical & Surgical training programs. 
With collaboration with over 28+ Hospitals and 245+ courses, more than 3500+ students have effectively completed their hands-on medical training courses through the medicity gurugram. 
This digital learning platform provides different kinds of courses for the aspirants to learn and have practical hands-on experience. Similarly, The Medicity provides the best online gynaecology course and hands-on training to the competitors by experienced and qualified instructors from dignified institutions.

Courses provided on Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Hands-on training in IVF & Laparoscopy training courses

This course is eligible to both IVF  practitioners and beginners and allows them to gain knowledge, experience & skills in this field. The instructors work with one-on-one trainees throughout the course, providing insights and time to time assessments. This course gives concentrated details of all parts of an IVF cycle, including pre-treatment evaluation and testing, while also thinking about the treatment's moral and monetary ramifications.


Best online gynecology courses

Hands-on training courses on early pregnancy ultrasound 

This obstetric ultrasound course will provide you with a safe learning foundation and a clear scope of training and is specially designed and conducted by a group of experienced and professional experts from various dignified institutions. It also provides expert lectures and hands-on practical experience by the instructors. This course is best suitable for fertility nurses who wish to learn ultrasound courses. This course also gives a detailed overview into the use of ultrasound tools and equipment for finding early pregnancy issues.


Fellowship courses on hysteroscopy and hysteroscopy instruments

In obstetrics and gynaecology training in hysteroscopy is very much in demand nowadays, therefore medicity has introduced hysteroscopy fellowship courses for the aspirants to have a detailed learning experience of the uses of hysteroscope & resectoscope, On-field Surgery experience, different aspects of anaesthesia in hysteroscopy, Orientation & safe methods of the handling of Instruments & tools and many more.


Basic Course in Semenology & IUI Training 

This training program is valuable for novices to give them the best experiences in the area of Andrology. Medicity conducts various seminars on semen arrangement methods and IUI Training courses to let the applicants become familiar with the techniques of semen preparation and perform the same. The candidates through this course can learn and improve their hands-on experience in semenology and various sperm handling procedures which are used for different ART procedures. 


ART Certification Courses in Embryology 

This Course gives effectively available and definite content in the field of essential and advanced ART research facility techniques as well as it provides basic essential science and foundation information. The applicants can obtain a certificate of completion after completing the Course evaluation at the end of the Course by The Medicity and Clinical Training certification by the Respective Hospital enrolled. This course permits the aspirants to have a complete learning experience with hands-on experience with professional doctors and renowned Institutions.

Best online gynecology courses

Advanced courses in Cryopreservation

This course is more reasonable for applicants well versed with various techniques of  IUI/ IVF/ ICSI. This gynaecology course in cryopreservation aims at providing detailed hypothetical and practical  knowledge on cryopreservation of sperms & embryos. It gives the candidates hands-on practical experience in the laboratory, live sessions & multimedia presentations & group discussions sessions.

With over 245+ courses provided by the medicity, apart from the above-stated courses, there are many other courses provided by it under obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

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