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Laparoscopy training programs are being popular after every medical department started using this approach to treat and diagnose several disorders related to internal human body parts without any blood loss because it uses small incisions and patients can get recovered within a short period of time compared to open surgery techniques. We also offer various Hands-on Laparoscopy Training programs and courses. In this blog post we’ll let you know about the Hands-on Laparoscopic Surgery Training programs offered via The Medicity Institute.

Hands-on Laparoscopic Surgery Training Programs:

The Medicity is offering multiple Hands-on Laparoscopy Training programs for both the beginners and advanced medical professionals, including a two days workshop laparoscopic surgery. All such programs follow all the latest curriculum based on industry demands depending on the level of course. So, here are popular Laparoscopy training programs that are popular now on the platform

Basic Hands-on Training in Laparoscopic Surgery

This is a seven days program that provides you with the basic knowledge of laparoscopy and related concepts. The training course includes all the introductory parts and training methodologies that require you to learn during surgery training. over 200 medical students & professionals of gynecology have attended the program across the globe. The course involves important concepts like types of laparoscopy with full details, basic suturing techniques, and briefing of instruments that are being used during surgery. The program has hands-on sessions to perform independent surgery to get practical exposure in the industry.

If you are persing your post-graduation in a medical background like MD, MS, & DNB or you are doing a diploma course in gynecology or general surgery, then you are a perfect candidate to join this course. Once you finish your course with successful completion, you'll get a certificate from the institute.

Advance Hands-on Training in General Laparoscopic Surgery

This is a general laparoscopy surgery training course of seven days for medical students and novice doctors who are looking for Hands-on Laparoscopic Surgery Training in advanced concepts. The course is designed especially for fellow surgeons and gynecologists which covers the latest and modern concepts required to enhance your core skills in laparoscopy. Some common surgeries that are performed in this course are Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy, Ventral hernia repair, Bariatric surgeries, Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy, etc.

The batch of this course is a micro batch containing only 5 students (attendee) in a single lecture to facilitate you more time to learn from the instructor and clear your doubts instantly.

Apart from these facilities you have additional video recordings, and other multimedia content including ppts and pdfs are provided to grab additional knowledge of industry. So, if you are already practicing basic minimal invasive surgery, or you are a surgeon or gynecologist who has a postgraduate degree from any recognised Indian medical university or college, you are eligible to join the course.

2 Days Workshop in Laparoscopic Surgery:

This workshop in laparoscopy surgery is an introductory course which covers all the basic concepts of laparoscopy. Laparoscopy surgery course covers all of the fundamental theories, introduction of instruments used in surgery with their detailed use. After finishing the workshop, you’ll have a beginner level exposure in laparoscopy as well as first hands-on experience of minimal invasive surgery. After completion of the program, you’ll be able to be involved in laparoscopy surgery as an assistant.

To join the workshop, aspirants have to pursue post-graduate courses such as MD, MS and DNB, or diploma in gynecology(DGO). After the completion of the course, you'll get certification from the institute after evaluation from the instructor. So, if you are just starting and want to pursue a career in minimal invasive surgery, then start from this workshop.

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