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Benefits of IVF Training courses in India

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In India, IVF(In vitro- fertilization) has been a boon to people going through infertility and are dreaming of starting a family. In India, the success rate of IVF is estimated to be from 30% to 35%. The average success rate in young women around the world is estimated to be  40%. The success rates chances are also to likewise increase for the women younger than 35 years.

The success rate of this common ART technique is usually measured through live birth per embryo transfer which is also known as live birth rate. 

As India is now making advances in medical health technologies and coming forth with the best treatment at low cost, it has become a hotspot in IVF treatment worldwide. With the increasing demand for IVF treatment and cheap cost in India, the demand for IVF Treatment has increased in India.

Since the demand is increasing for more doctors for IVF and ART, many aspirants are now choosing IVF training courses at the best IVF training centre as a career path in the future.


best IVF training centre


IVF has now increased Job opportunities for all the future doctors and already practising surgeons to make their career in this field. IVF training has helped many future aspirants and already practising candidates to have hands-on training experience in this course and also receive the best theoretical knowledge sessions.

Many hospitals are coming up with IVF training centres and IVF facilities to provide training to the candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge. Now there have been many best IVF training center with many experienced experts guiding many aspirants into how to use basic ART techniques and IVF procedures. 

IVF training courses are eligible for candidates: MBBS DGO / DNB, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG or any Medical Degree. The applicants are also given certificates after completing the training of the course which works as proof of practising IVF.


best IVF training centre

The Medicity is also providing many IVF and ART procedure training courses by collaborating with more than 28+ hospitals and the best IVF institute. Over 3500+ applicants have effectively completed courses in hands-on training programmes in various courses provided by medicity. For further details and admission contact: 1800-572-9494 or visit our website:

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