Basic & Advanced Course in Obstetric Ultrasound

Basic & Advanced Course in Obstetric Ultrasound, Hands-on Training Courses

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Aisan Pacific countries are developing at a fast pace, that leads to more population, and ultimately healthcare demand including Ultrasound. Basic & Advanced Course in Obstetric Ultrasound play a major role when it comes to taking care of parentship, and easily fulfill the demand of specialists needing to diagnose through sonography during pregnancy. Here is the fact about Indian Obstetric Ultrasound market trend in future -

Demand of Ultrasound courses to obstetrician and gynecologist:

According to an article in gminsights, The population in India will see a dramatic surge than any other country in the world between 2021 and 2050, So this rising  birth rate increases the high demand of obstetric and gynecological services including Ultrasound specialists. After looking at this, you might start looking at some amazing USG training programs for OB/GYN after this blog post, right ? wrong, This article is subjected to mark down few best Fetal Medicine & Obstetric Ultrasound programs that not just offer core theory but practical approach and finally certification from well reputed institutes and hospitals.

No need to leave and go out there in search of Basic & Advanced Course in Obstetric Ultrasound, because The Medicity is an online platform specifically developed for you (doctors/healthcare professionals) to find out amazing courses and programs, So let’s list down a few best sonography courses related to pregnancy.

Gynecological Ultrasound Hands-On Training:

An extensive two week hands-on OB GYN ultrasound training specially designed for medical students who have a goal to pursue in the field of Sonography and belong to the background of Radiology, Obstetricians, Gynecologists or Fetal Medicine Specialists. After joining the course, each candidate (medical students or pre-practitioner) arrives with the understanding of fundamental anatomy, arious image orientation, scanning techniques, and many more topics in accordance with the curriculum. Apart from core knowledge of Ultrasonography, useful to those clinical aspirants who are looking for Basic Pregnancy Ultrasound Course also.

The training course covers all important topics like first trimester scanning, transvaginal scanning, etc with live demonstration and provides additional study material, case study reviews and more. The classrooms are highly engaging as there are only 5 students per session. Since it's a practical based ultrasound learning course, there is no option to attend it remotely rather than have to attend in-class training under your highly experienced and specialist doctor. This program can be easily found on the platform as “Gynecological Ultrasound Hands-On Training”, fill out an enquiry form to connect with our medical counselor to clear your doubt or any necessary information about the program.

Hands on Ultrasound Training Programme:

This is one week Ultrasound program enriched with hands-on sessions suitable for beginners as well as practitioners, So, candidates who are looking for Basic Ultrasound course, can also go through this course that covers all the fundamentals as well as facilitate live patient scan sessions. Basically this is also similar to upper courses that cover pregnancy and other infertility related topics along with practical sessions. The course completion certificate can be achieved by clearing assessment taken via course instructor.

The course is delivered under a highly reputed, experienced, and specialist doctor (surgeon) in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with all the latest facilities and instruments with sonography to allow participants practice by themselves. Having curiosity to know more about the course just fill out the enquiry form attached to this blog, or you can find the course on the platform by searching “Hands on Ultrasound Training Programme” by Dr Jyoti.

Final Words:

As a closure, We recommend you as a fresher doctor or final year medical student, that go through the platform look at the ultrasound courses. We have a collection of multiple hands-on training courses apart from ultrasound, that might be useful and one of the courses that you are looking for. In addition to contacting us, you also get another option except for enquiry form fillup, that is direct call at our toll free number 1800-572-9494 and write to us at .



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