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In 1990, it was the first time, when a laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed in India at JJ Hospital in Mumbai. Now it is 2022 and laparoscopy is being used in almost every treatment related to gynae. ART (IVF) Laparoscopy Training is a great way to gain proficiency in a short period of time. Clinical ART training programs include IVF, IUI and ICSI and many more sub-specialized categories.

In this blog post, we are going to explore some of the semenology and IUI training programs, and ART (IVF) laparoscopy training programs offered by the medicity institute. Also discuss Hands on training in ICSI. Let’s see what are some best programs listed on The medicity platform-

Few ART (IVF) Laparoscopy Training Programs:

ART (IVF) Laparoscopy Training includes three terms i.e. IVF, ART and Laparoscopy. Basically,  IVF is a process of fertilizing egg and sperm in the laboratory and it has various phases of examination and treatment. Whereas ART is all about the techniques and procedures which are used against infertility. Laparoscopy is nothing but a procedure that uses an equipment popular as laparoscope to make small incisions in your abdomen to help surgeons to look inside internal organs. Here is few most enrolled training programs offered by The Medicity-

ART (IVF) & Laparoscopy Training:

This training program is offered by The Medicity Institute which is based on hands-on experience located in Ahmedabad center, Gujarat. This program walks you through the understanding of all the diagnosis and examination procedures related to the IVF life cycle. The program assists not just freshers but also already practicing surgeons by accelerating the learning process through Live interaction with the trainer who is highly specialized in IVF and has years of experience. To join the training program or resolve query related programs, visit The Medicity official website.

Hands-on Training ART [IVF, IUI]:

Medicity institute has established a state-of-art facility in New Delhi, where this training will be conducted. The whole program will be mentored by a well qualified doctor with lots of experience. The training includes set-up of IVF lab for IUI and ICSI and getting  hands-on  practice in semen analysis & washing, and sperm freezing. Whether you are a medical fresher or an experienced surgeon, this program helps you to polish your skills in IVF and related sub-specialization like IUI and ICSI in order to achieve the accomplishment. For more details and query related to this course, just send an inquiry to the Medicity team.

Certificate course in ART:

The course in ART offers a comprehensive learning of theoretical as well as practical knowledge of assisted reproductive technologies which includes the pre-treatment evaluation, diagnosing, and embryo-transfer. The location of training is based in New Delhi having modern equipment and futuristic technology facilities. 500+ students have already completed the course with one-on-one based mentorship. After completion of course, all the candidates have to proceed an assessment in-order to get a certificate which will be taken by the instructor itself. Visit the courses section on The Medicity website to join the program.

Semenology and IUI Training:

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure which includes the techniques of washing the sperm and placing it directly in the uterus to shorten the travel time of sperm in order to treat infertility.  It is a specialized process in IVF like ICSI. IUI is still in the developing phase and soon it will take over the IVF in the coming decades. Medicity also offers semenology and IUI training course in listed below-

Basic Course in Semenology and IUI:

The Medicity Institute offers a training course in semenology and IUI which is beginner friendly. This 2 day program focuses on delivering basic to advanced training in semenology and various sperm preparation procedures. The program curriculum is based on the latest industry standard starting from the Male and Female infertility to routine semen analysis, from IUI and stimulation protocols to sperm preparation techniques including guidelines and safety measures. The number of seats are limited and facilitate live mentorship under course director with hand-on laboratory training setup.

Hands-on training courses in ICSI:

ICSI is basically an additional pre-processing part of IVF that includes male infertility related issues like the number of sperms and their movement. ICSI training courses are designed for gynae doctors in order to get specialized training to achieve competency in this process. Medicity also offers hands-on training courses in ICSI that is not delicately about ICSI but includes it in the program.

Certificate Course in Embryology:

The medicity offers this course to all the gyno's who are seeking to achieve expertise in embryology which includes  the development and learning of IVF and ICSI with specialized techniques in order to get maximum success out of it. The training location is in our New Delhi center equipped with technological advanced instruments. The course delivers full insights of embryology, IVF and ICSI in just one week. If you have a background of life science in B.Sc, M.Sc or you are MBBS, MD, MS doctor in Gynecology then you are eligible for this course. For more insights and details, send an enquiry to the medicity team.

This is not just what medicity offers but also the medicity training institute is a platform which helps students to find best hands-on training courses and fellowship in various specializations across the country with 250+ programs. To get any details, free counselling or send enquiry, call on toll free number 1800-572-9494 or write an email at



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