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Most of us will invest a lot of energy and time in our lives in working on our profession. The choices we make shape how our career advances and these ideal choices can guarantee that it is effective and satisfying. The Same is for ART fellowship courses & Hands-on IVF training courses in India, which are highly in demand and are paving the way for a new career option for the medical aspirants to carve their future into what they truly want to pursue.

ART- A New Career path in the future

Assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) have been generally suggested as fruitful and common treatments in many nations. ARTs incorporate a wide scope of treatments & methods including in vitro treatment of human oocytes, sperms or undeveloped organisms for setting up pregnancy.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has developed a lot in these past couple of years. India has probably the most elevated development in the ART sector and the number of ART cycles performed each year. Soon India will become the leader in the ART & IVF sector in terms of the number of cycles. This has led to a staggering increase in the number of ART clinics providing consultation and care to these couples globally. 

Hands on IVF Training

Due to the increase in demand and the number of ART and IVF facility centres, the demand for IVF and ART training courses have increased. Many doctors and already practicing surgeons want to do certification courses in Hands-On IVF training and  ART advanced courses. 

As compared to other countries, IVF treatment cost in India is much cheaper and effective and attracts a lot of patients worldwide. India has become a hotspot in the ART and IVF sector altogether and thus, many medical candidates are developing their careers in this field. ART fellowship courses provide the aspirants to get hands-on practical experience in ART procedures and IVF preparation techniques and many more. 

These courses’ schedules are designed by highly experienced & qualified experts from dignified institutions. These courses are ideal for both beginners and established IVF practitioners who are looking to further enhance their skills and knowledge in this field. 


These courses are eligible for candidates: specialized in MBBS DGO / DNB, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG or any medical degree etc physicians familiar with OI (Ovulation Induction) & IUI procedures using stimulation with gonadotropins & Experience in transvaginal ultrasound. 

After completion of the course, the applicants are provided with a certificate course in infertility or other certificates which serve as proof of practicing ART and IVF procedures. 

Hands on IVF Training

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The Medicity is collaborating with more than 28+ hospitals and other best IVF institutes to provide advanced hands-on training in ART techniques and IVF.  Over 3500+ applicants have effectively completed courses in hands-on training programmes and live theoretical sessions in various courses provided by Medicity.

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